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My Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

(Last night was the movie premiere. It was fun & I’ll update about it as soon as I get the photos. I started writing this post yesterday but, then got distracted when I realized that I had to go out and buy a whole new set of undergarments to wear under my dress for the night. After an hour of trying on 1/2 of Victoria’s Secret, I came home I forgot to post this before heading out)

Remember how I mentioned that tonight I’m going to see the premiere of that Textuality movie? And how I discovered the movie is actually about a sassy brunette named Simone who is also blogger? AND how all these coincidences are kind of giving me a case of the weirdsies?! Well, things are about to get even more WEIRD.

I figure this is as good a time as any to mention that back in the early 2000’s when I was just a wide-eyed girl, fresh from a year of Theatre school, I was in two very low budget films. One called “Sex and the University” and another was called “Porno Loving Freaks“. I know what you’re thinking but, THEY WERE NOT PORN. And, NO they are not on YouTube. I already checked. Both films were lighthearted romantic comedies directed by my friend Ryan. If you’ve seen either, you’d remember my “riveting” performances as “Girl walking through park” and “Female love interest #2“. Actually, you probably wouldn’t because frankly, I’m not that great an actress. My acting abilities probably fall somewhere between “Too good an actress to be in Porn” and “Not quite good enough to realize modest dream of being on Canadian TV“. Eventually, I was honest with myself and found that I was way more comfortable working behind the scenes, doing the make-up for Ryan’s actors. Makeup artistry was just another one of my part-time gigs in my early 20’s.

I’ve wanted to add more video content to Skinny Dip for quite awhile now. Recently, I got in touch with Ryan to see if he might be interested in helping me with this. A few days ago Ryan sent me a message saying:

“How do you know Liam Card?” (star of Textuality & last week’s “How to Practice Safe Text” video)

Me: “I don’t. He’s just in this movie that I’ve been promoting on my blog”

As it turns out, Liam Card was in one of Ryan’s later short films called “The Lovers” (ALSO NOT PORN). Still don’t believe me? You can watch it here. Its a humorous short about what would happen if couples said what’s really on their minds.

After I found this out, the wheels started to turn. If I’m connected to Ryan and he’s connected to Liam who was in Textuality…that means I’m connected to….

Me -> Ryan ->Liam ->JASON LEWIS.

As soon as this clicked, I decided to take it a step further. We all know where this is going:

So, there you have it. If it wasn’t for a little movie called Porno Loving Freaks (IT’S NOT PORN. REALLY) and a not so small movie called Textuality, I might never have realized my six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

I’m going to wrap this up because I have to head down to the Gayborhood to get my hair done for tonight. Last time I saw my stylist, he told me: “I’m going to give you big, loopy curls. I’m going to give you sexy PORN-STAR HAIR*!” I just thought I would mention that since I’m hoping for a repeat of last time and because Porn (or me not being in it) seems to be theme of the day.

*Edit: I’m not sure if my hair was “Porn-tastic” this time around but, my stylist Jon definitely made my hair look lovely and I felt very sexy. Thank you Jon!


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