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My New Lover

As you may or may not know already, BF has been traveling in China for the past few weeks. While he was away I kind of met someone new. We’ve been flirting for a few years now and finally, last week while I was at the Eaton Center, her come hither stare got the best of me. I picked her up and took her home. Her name is Molly. And yes, she’s a girl (all my phones are ladies). She’s petite and has a sleek black body. I’m not afraid to admit I’m totally gay for her. So far our time together has been pure bliss. She’s brought me into the 20th century and has introduced me to new and exciting things. Molly is great at organizing my life, my music collection, all my social media and she makes surprisingly good restaurant suggestions. When we’re out in public, I can’t keep my hands off of her. Oh my god…I LOVE the feeling of my fingers on her screen. Did I mention she’s good in bed? I took this photo last night after a vigorous late night chatting/tweeting/facebooking/texting session. The TEXT was so good, we got up this morning and did it again a few times. I was so satisfied with her performance that I let her smoke in bed afterwards. I can’t help it. She’s hot and I’m smitten. But, don’t worry folks, Molly and I are playing safe. I bought her this cute pink outfit to protect her from the big bad world. Its from Aritzia of course. Only the best for my baby. 

The other night I told BF about Molly. He surprised me by being very excited about the whole situation. He’s OK with sharing me, as long as she doesn’t sleep in the bed. I can work with that. I think Molly and I will be seeing each other for awhile. 

RIP old phone. Although you were reliable over the three years we were together, there was never any chemistry. I have a new girl now and I think she’s the one.




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