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My Life as Told by Katy Perry Songs

I love Katy Perry and not just because I dressed up as her for Halloween two years ago. I like what she’s about: She writes all of her own songs, is completely in control of her artistic vision and is actually musically talented. She also just seems like a nice person.  How many pop stars can you really say that about these days?!  After watching the Katy Perry movie on the plane to Toronto, my inner Katy-Fangirl is back in full force. Walking around the city, hopping on and off public transit, jumping in cabs to go meet friends – The Teenage Dream  has been part of my personal soundtrack.

My stay in Toronto so far has been really intense. Until I’m ready to share details, I thought I’d take this opportunity to be cryptic. Behold, my life currently as told by Katy Perry songs.

Things I have learned over the past 3 weeks: 

In the USA there’s Wall Street. In Canada, there’s Bay Street. Bay Street guys party harder on a Monday than I do…well, EVER. I experienced this the other night when I hung out with one of my best-friends and a few of her older, wealthy gentlemen friends. We danced on table tops, took too many shots…it was total debauchery last MONDAY night. However instead of partying with Kathy Beth Terry we partied with the millionaire boys club. TGI-Mondays?

After a thorough discussion with my girlfriends and some “field research”, I’ve come to the conclusion that due to a variety of  factors (over-medication? porn addiction? cocaine use?) there are way too many guys my age in this city with erectile dysfunction issues. What’s even more concerning is that women are the only ones who seem to think this is a problem. Men, we love it when your penis is hard. Please start taking care of yourself, or I might have to institute a “pre-screening program” where I ask you to show me your Peacock before we get down. 

When you’re feeling disillusioned in a city that no longer feels like “home” it’s always best to spend time with the people who think you’re pretty without any makeup on, who think you’re funny when you get the punchline wrong, who get you. These are the people you love and miss the most.

I’m a total love (lust?) junkie. Give me that Hummingbird Heartbeat feeling and I’m putty in your hands.  Some call it science, I call it chemistry – either way, nothing compares to the rush. Attraction is easy, it’s what comes after – figuring out how to make it work that’s the hard part. With that said, sometimes it’s best not to over-think things and enjoy the feeling for what it is.

I met with another good friend of mine recently who told me about her recent experience visiting a shaman in the jungle of Peru. She feels as though this man healed her  physically and emotionally. I’ve never seen my friend look so happy and at peace. This just goes to show that there is more to this world that meets the eye and some things are simply supernatural. Whatever you need to do to kick depression, anxiety and health problems to the curb – just do it. Stop worrying about whether people will judge you. Live for yourself.

Yesterday I met with my friend & former editor and she said, “You’re doing so well. I see your byline everywhere!” Even though I still feel like I have a long way to go, it feels good to have other people notice my hard work. I left the meeting feeling really inspired and motivated. While pursuing your dreams it’s so easy to  slip into a place where you feel bummed out and discouraged. If the “gospel of Katy Perry” it’s that we’re all sparkly fireworks, and you just have to keep in mind that if you’re ambitious, work hard & be yourself you can do amazing things.

Until next time, shine bright my little fireworks. boom, boom, boom!


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