My Bro-Mance

On Saturday night Nicole Simone of Miss Late July organized a Girls get together at a bar in Parkdale. The night was a lot of fun. I got to meet a bunch of ladies I had never met before & catch up with a few familiar faces.
Since we didn’t take any photos during our initial Sobreros & Sausage adventure a few weeks ago, I thought I’d post some of the pics from Saturday because I think they turned out really well.
Nicole Simone & Me (“The Two Simone’s”)
“Double Trouble”

What’s better than 2 Simone’s? THREE SIMONE’S!
Lisa Simone*, Nicole Simone & me…Simone.

*Also another really cool girl I’m so happy I crossed paths with.

This photo cracks me up. Instead of walking around the really crowded table at the tightly packed bar, Nicole decided to just slide under the table so she could take the seat next to mine.

Nicole Simone is small like me & seems to slide under furniture with stealth like grace. I’m impressed!

Thinking about how much fun I have hanging out with Nicole Simone, reminds me of a conversation I had with my Dad last time he was in town. We were sitting on my couch, watching Season Two of Ugly Betty.

Dad: “Simone, do you know what a BRO-MANCE is?”
Dad: “Its when two guys are really, really into each other and like hanging out but, aren’t gay. It sort of like how my friend ________ and I sometimes like to go to Starbucks together on the weekends”
Dad: “Don’t look so shocked Simone. The young people I’m mentoring at work have been teaching me lots of new cool lingo”
(Remind me to blog sometime about my Dad’s budding crush on Ugly Betty: “There is something I find very alluring about her” and the time he used the word “Bling” correctly in a sentence)

Nicole Simone sends me texts that crack me up & she’s an unlimited source of “That’s What She said” jokes. In other words she’s a girl after my heart. I can’t wait to hang out with her again.

So, Dad – it looks like I’m having my own BRO-MANCE or whatever the female equivalent of that is.

Wait, IS there a female equivalent?


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