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More Postcards from Home

I bought my ticket home to BC last night. I’m heading to the west coast on the 18th & will be there until January 2nd. That means I am only 10 days away from seeing my family, breathing in that salt air, hugging my best friend, hanging with other people I heart & eating my body weight in fresh seafood.

Since I forgot to post this the other day, I thought I would share one more photo of something that reminds me of home…

{Weird Hippie Shit…its everywhere!}

This bus is in our neighbor’s backyard. You have to admit, its quite something (Electric Mayhem! Rock on!) Whenever I have someone visit me at home, I always like to show them the bus just to see if it freaks them out. My sister had the following conversation about the bus when her ex-boyfriend came to visit her from Toronto:

Sister: It used to be a school-bus. But, now its just a hippie bus.
Sister: Yeah, I think a family of 4 was living it for awhile.
Him: WHAT?! There were people LIVING in it?! WHYYYYYYYY?!
Sister: I don’t know. They were hippies. Besides, someone had to keep an eye on the organic community garden next door.
Him: OMG.

Hold on weird hippie bus! I’m coming for you!



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