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Meet the New Designer on the Block!

One of the worst things about Canadian Winters is that right about now, when everything is frozen and you’re starting to wonder “When will it end?!!!” designers start to taunt us with their Spring & Resort lines. You’ll be walking down Bloor Street, bundled up in a parka, scarf, hat gloves, snow blowing in your face and look into one of the windows and see….shorts. Its never made much sense to me.
Maybe its meant as a hopeful message to us, “The future is warmer”

The look on the left is by designer Megan Nielsen who officially launched her line this week. Nielsen is originally from Perth Australia and now lives & works in the mid-west USA. Her collection for spring consists of airy, vintage inspired basics at a very affordable price point. You should check out her site, its cute.

If you recognize the model, it’s because it’s Jessica from one of my favorite fashion blogs What I Wore. She styled, modeled and photographed Megan’s look book. Talk about multi-talented!

I’d really like to add the Bethany skirt to my wardrobe for spring. My friend Ukulele Misfit has a similar skirt and I have always loved it on her. I’d totally wear this look in the spring/summer MINUS the knee socks. Although Jessica rocks the socks like a pro, I think on me they’d make me look twelve. And considering my knack for being approached by weirdos & the fact that I already get sexually harassed in this neighborhood while wearing a PARKA, I don’t think the socks would help my situation.

Anyways, that’s my little “Spring Break” for the day. Time to go back to Work and Winter.

What are you thinking of adding to your wardrobe for spring?


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