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Make Love to the Camera

A few months ago I made a video for the new website My City Lives , which was recently launched by my buddy Adil. Imagine if Yelp, Google Maps and YouTube all got together, had some crazy orgy where everyone did the nasty and then through some weird genetic miracle managed to produce a lovely pink love child. That baby would be My City Lives. I’m honored that he chose me to be part of it all.

I’ve been holding off posting the video on here because I’m chicken. I hate seeing myself on camera. I’m overly critical, I always think I look funny & get freaked out by hearing my own voice. I actually had to “watch” this for the first time with my eyes closed.

The video series is called “5 of the Best Places to Find your Hipster Girlfriend”. Clearly, I’m not a Hipster. According to my sister I’m not even “cool”. Regardless, I had fun making the video & talking about one of my favorite subjects…FOOD & RESTAURANTS. And, because I was super nervous, I basically sound like this in the video:

“I like BRUNCH! and um, LUNCH! and um, BREAKFAST! and um, I really like BREAKFAST. And, um, BRUNCH too. And, did I mention I like BREAKFAST? And DINERS? I really um, like DINERS”.

Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself! (Because I can’t)

My favorite part of the video is where they capture me doing what I do best: slamming back a cold one at the bar.

Is it weird that I am talking about Breakfast instead of like, vibrators or dating or vagazzling? I kind of feel like it is. But, I guess the truth is out there now: I’m just a normal girl who really, really likes bacon & eggs & diners.

{Proof that I really am all about Diners – taken in Miami on my birthday this year}

PS. If you’re a weirdo who’s looking to become a stalker, I actually don’t live anywhere near the restaurant featured in the video. I actually have a favorite diner that I go to every weekend that’s amazing but I’ll never tell you where it is. A girl has to keep a few secrets, even when she’s writing about her life on the internet.


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