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One of the cool things about writing a blog in Toronto is that if you put yourself out there & get involved in the online community, people will start inviting you to stuff. Over the past year I’ve been fortunate enough to go to all kinds of different events: book launches! movie premieres! fashion week! open bars! charity pool parties! Lots of fun stuff! After a year of going to these things I’ve come to the conclusion that not all events are created equal. Some are really cool (fashion week!) and some are just kind of bizarre & awkward ( um, charity pool party?). After going to enough of these things you become pretty attune to what makes or breaks an event. Melissa has been my partner in crime for 75% of these shindigs. The other night we were at a networking event, sipping the free champagne when I asked her “So, of all these things we’ve been to this year…which one was your favorite?”. We looked at each other and said: “The LOVESTRUCK book launch!”

I went to the book launch for Lovestruck by Chantel Simmons last winter. At the time I wasn’t really posting any personal photos on here so I never wrote about it but, it was by far one of my favorite events I went to in 2010. I think what made it so great was that it combined a whole bunch of things I love, in a very tasteful, fun manner.

Toronto event planners, take notes. This is the perfect recipe for a great event. IE. If you’re looking to WOW this blogger, this is how you do it.

(PS. All of these lovely photos were taken by Neil Burstyn photography )

Ingredient List:

{BOOKS! I have yet to read the book but, according to Melissa it is smart, funny & a good read even for people like me who don’t usually dig chick lit. Oh, and it takes place in Toronto – bonus}

{Bowls of Candy…everywhere!}

{Amazing Swag! This party actually had a Swag buffet where you could go and pick out your own goody bag treats. This included Vera Wang perfume and full sized products from the Body Shop & Benefit, one of my favorite makeup lines}

{Complimentary wine}

{Good eats: sushi, tasty apps & cupcakes}

{lots & lots of pretty cupcakes}

{Great Networking. That night I met the editor for the online magazine I now write for}

{ A lovely author & hostess who is smart, funny & all around inspiring}

{Melissa and I. Because lets face it, we’re a lot of fun}

Shake, Stir, Blend & Voila…a GREAT NIGHT!

When the author was giving her thank you speech, I nudged Melissa and said “This is exactly the kind of party I would like to have in a few years when I write a book”. She nudged me back and said “And you will“. Although Melissa is always encouraging me, THAT is probably one of the nicest things she’s ever said.

Receiving great food, drinks & beauty products = AWESOME. Leaving an event actually feeling inspired = THE BEST.

Has anyone been to any cool events lately? Do you find that companies and media make an effort to reach out to bloggers in your city?


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