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LG Fashion Week. I was there (briefly)

Last week was LG Fashion week in Toronto. I wasn’t planning on attending any of the shows but, my friend Deb scored some last minute free tickets to the Line knitwear (last show of the week). So, I did get to experience a tiny part of #LGFW and I have the photos to prove it.

On Friday night Deb & I jumped in a cab and made our way to Heritage Court at Exhibition Place for the show. Here is what we saw:

{The “fashion environment” outside of the runway. The 3 story high ceilings and massive drapery made you feel like you were wandering around inside a very chic jelly fish}

{WORK IT! Pretty, pretty clothes by Canadian Designers. I want that striped shirt}

{Our friends and fashion show companions Ally & Beau. I love this photo. It looks almost like it belongs in another era}

{It also doesn’t hurt that Ally is a gorgeous girl}

The show itself was very brief and crowded but, we did manage to see some very pretty stuff. Line is known for its collection of sumptuous knitwear & leathers. It wasn’t surprising that their fall collection included lots of cozy chunky knits with luxurious fur touches. After my first #LGFW experience where I saw a lot of stuff that I don’t think anyone would wear (hello, Evan Bidell metallic bike-shorts leotard & Flava Flav digital clock necklaces) it was nice to see a collection that was chic and actually practical for Canadian winter.

{I feel like this model is actually channeling Ally’s look or vice versa}


{I love this too}

I don’t usually get this excited about sweaters but, Friday night was so chilly I would have gladly worn some of these pieces home.

{A group photo: Me, Beau, Deb. If I look slightly awkward here its because I am freezing to death. I made the mistake of thinking because its technically “spring” in Toronto that its OK to wear bare feet, clogs & a flimsy leather jacket. Not only could I feel the wind blowing right through my pants, I could also feel one of my pant leg cuffs unrolling as we took the photo. UNEVEN PANT CUFFS = WHY I COULD NEVER BE A FASHION BLOGGER}

Tired and frozen, Deb and I skipped the after-partying and instead went back to my house where we ordered pizza and wings….because that’s just how we roll.

Fashion. Friends. Greasy Food. Good Times.

What have you been up to this week?


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