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Let’s Talk about Sex….

It’s time to spread a little bit of love on the internet…

My friend Kimberley is the clever author of the blog The Modish Mama. Last weekend, she was featured on Real Parenting, a popular radio show in our home-town. She was part of a Mommy Blogger panel on Sex & Valentine’s Day. I’m sure some of you are Moms and Dads so, I thought I’d post this in case you’re interested… and because I think Kimberley is awesome. You can download the podcast here.

If you are bored at work or just looking for a read, check out her blog or follow her on twitter (@TheModishMama) Her blog is well written and I like to think of it as a mommy blog for people who don’t necessarily dig mommy blogs.

Background info: The story with Kimberley and I is that we actually went to high school together, lost touch and then became friends when we accidentally discovered through Facebook that we are both bloggers. The host of the show Shirley Broback and I used to work together and she is now a radio personality and entrepreneur…& Shirley’s sister used to be my boss! (If you’ve guessed that everyone knows everyone in my hometown – you’re right). I’m really proud of them both!

What are some of your daily must-reads? I want recommendations!


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