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Let’s Get Textual

The film Textuality is a lighthearted story about modern day relationships – the frustration and humor that arises from them, and the technology that enables them. It follows two people, who are trying to begin a relationship with each other, but who must first escape the multiple relationships they were managing through their Blackberrys before they met (sound familiar?) The film is a story about love, sex, dating and most of all, laughing at ourselves in this crazy digital age.

Why I Think You Should Care about this Film:

1. It’s a CANADIAN film that actually shows a version of Canadian life that I recognize: young urban professionals who date, have sex and are digitally plugged in. Proving that we are not all a bunch of plaid, parka & gum-boot wearing eccentrics who live in remote small towns that seem to always be stuck in a perpetual state of winter.

2. The subject matter is extremely relevant. Technology -especially mobile technology- has definitely changed the way we date and interact. We live in a world where it is so easy to be overly digitally connected to everyone, and be emotionally attached to no one.

3. It stars Carly Pope, who is also in one of my other favorite Canadian films: Young People Fucking – and no, that’s not a porno – its a romantic comedy and its hilarious. If you like this blog, you should watch it.

4. It also stars Jason Lewis (Smith from Sex and the City) and Eric McCormick (Will from Will & Grace). McCormick plays a straight guy which, as a big W&G fan, should be interesting. Lewis is frequently shirtless throughout the movie (who doesn’t want to see that?!)

5. The main character is a sassy brunette who seems to quite popular with the fellas and is named…wait for it…wait for it…SIMONE!


A few weeks ago, the producers of the film who have partnered with Blackberry and WIND Mobile, brought me and a handful of other Toronto bloggers together to discuss sex & dating in the digital age. We ate a delicious dinner, had some good conversation and consumed many delicious Textuality themed cocktails. (My favorite cocktail was the one I dubbed “the mysterious yellow drink” which kind of reminded me of a very classed up version of the McDonald’s “orange drink” from my childhood – no one could tell you exactly what’s in it or where it came from but, MAN, ITS DELICIOUS!)

The result of our dinner (besides very bleary eyes the next day) is that we created a DO’s and DON’Ts guide to Texting & Dating…aka Textuality. This will be distributed to promote the film and will be available in hard copy at all Wind Mobile locations.

If you’re interested, you can read the guide by clicking here. Some of my favorite Do’s and Don’ts:

{I don’t know about you but, my life is pretty exposed online as it is, I only want people I actually KNOW on my Facebook}
{I’ve been guilty of this in the past. My best friend and I used to joke that they should make a cellphone that includes a built in breathalyzer just for me. Blackberry – you should look into this}

{In this day and age actual phone calls seem quaint and romantic}

What do you guys think? What are some of your Texting Do’s and Don’ts?

I want you to be able to Text, Sext and BBM to your heart’s content (safely and smartly of course) so, to celebrate the opening of Textuality in theatres April 22nd, Blackberry and WIND Mobile have given me TWO Blackberry Bold 9780‘s to give away.

One Blackberry will go to a Canadian reader (& comes with 2-months of WIND mobile services) and the second Blackberry will go to an International reader.


1) Leave me a comment & share one of your own personal Textuality Do’s, Don’ts or Pet Peeves. Please include your email or Twitter handle in the comment box or in the body of the text.

2) Get an extra entry every time you Tweet:

Hey @by_simone I want to win a @BlackBerry Bold with @WINDMobile contract http://bit.ly/ev2gq0 ! #Textuality

Contest closes Sunday at 11:59pm EST. I will pick the winners on Monday!

& GO!

(PS. Stay tuned. Next week there will be another (REALLY AWESOME) giveaway, plus I’ll be sharing more of my thoughts about sex & love in the digital age)


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