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Let’s Be Friends Again

I got the inspiration for this entry while sitting in a cafe with my Dad this morning, listening to the Jimi Hendrix record they were playing.

One of the rockiest relationships I’ve had in my life has been with the color purple. (And I mean the actual color, not the Alice Walker novel turned Oprah movie turned musical–which I’ve always liked). Purple has never been my favorite color, however I remember a point when we were at least on good terms. I think it was around middle school: I had these bright purple pointy toed oxfords that my Mom bought me in Seattle. I thought they were incredibly sophisticated because they were bought at an adult shoe store in the States no less. I would wear them with my floral pattern “Blossom” dress + a choker necklace and would feel pretty cool (it was the early 90’s after all). Purple was still my friend in high school: I painted my bedroom this pale violet color that matched my celestial theme bedspread (think late 90’s. Luckily this bedspread is long gone). Somewhere in the 2000’s I developed a total hate-on for all things purple and I have no idea why. I decided that purple made me feel angry and I’ve avoided the color ever since. Its weird, I know. Lately though, I am starting to notice the color purple everywhere…and I’m liking it. Actually its starting to freak me out a little bit. For the first time in years I am finding myself attracted to purple things: purple bags, purple shoes, clothing. Maybe this means that Purple and I can be rekindle our friendship?

And why not? Purple reminds me of lots of great things: Prince, Jimi Hendrix, that chubby purple guy who’s friends with the Hamburgler. It’s a shame our friendship had to end. So, today’s fashion post is inspired my some of those happy things. 

Here is a brief list of some of the things I’m feeling these days:

+These two Marc by Marc Jacobs bags (above): I love the super soft leather and the extremely vivid colors. Most of my bags are either black, brown, grey or monogrammed so I feel like these would be a nice edition to my bag collection. The company I work for has MBMJ as one of their vendors. However, even with my discount I can’t justify buying either of these, not when I have to pay rent and you know.. eat & stuff. Still, I can lust from afar.

+Motorcycle boots: These ones by AE are surprisingly cute & affordable. I’ve been doing the whole riding boot look for the past two years, and I thought this style of boot would be a nice way to mix things up for this season. I’ve noticed some of the girls at work have been wearing similar boots with tights & silk dresses–a perfect mix of tough & pretty.

+Black lace tights: I’ve been wearing my pair several times a week and receiving a lot of compliments &inquiries about where I bought them. I really enjoy fun hosiery. Its an inexpensive way to add flare to an otherwise simple or basic outfit. 

+Black lace tops: I’m really enjoying a lot of the lace detailing I’ve been seeing lately. Personally, I think lace shirts have the potential to go very, very wrong however I like the one above since it gives a bit of coverage. It has a early 90’s Madonna in “Truth or Dare” vibe that I really like.

+The Purple Dress above: I have the same dress in black and now I want it in purple. I can’t explain it. I just do.

What are you lusting after these days?


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