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Ladies Club Meet-up

Last night I joined a Ladies Club!

I guess this is kind of a big deal for me because I’ve never been much of a “joiner” of anything really. While growing up I always did lots of activities (ballet, swimming, choir, cello lessons, public speaking, pottery & art classes) and in high school I belonged to our school’s drama group but other than that I’ve never really belonged to any official “clubs”. When I sat back and thought about it I came to the conclusion that things like book clubs, running groups and social activity clubs have always kind of freaked me out. So, I had to ask myself “why is this?”. I came up with a few reasons: #1: Although I have great group of close friends, lots of acquaintances and a decent social life, deep down I’m kind of a loner at heart. I love spending time alone and the thought of doing lots of group activities is kind of intimidating (what if the people don’t like me? What if I get there and realize I’d rather be alone?)
#2. Joining something means that I actually have to make a commitment to something and follow through with it. For someone who’s had her share of commitment issues this is also daunting.
#3. I don’t often find stuff that I want to join & that I really feel is “me”. But, maybe that’s an adjustment I have to make on my part. As I was saying before: I’m in a transitional period of my life and in order to get what I want out of it, I really need to get out of my comfort zone and expand my social network. And what better way to do this than in the company of other creative, motivated women?!

So, last night I took the first step and attended the event above….and it was a lot of fun! Although I arrived at the event late (I had to make a mad dash straight from work) and missed most of the introductions, I can tell that its a going to be a good group of people: lots of different backgrounds & things to share, lots of energy & positivity! Together we’re planning on doing a mix of events that focus on community service & personal growth. I’m really looking forward to getting to know some new people, learning & getting inspired by them.

I guess before I go any further I should mention that the event was co-hosted by Kristen Gale–a fellow Toronto blogger and author of one of my favorite blogs! –at the Queen West location of her beauty bar The Ten Spot. I’ve actually been meaning to send her an email for a while to let her know I enjoy her blog, however I’ve been chickening out because well, I didn’t want to seem like a “creepy stalker”. Meeting in person: way better and not creepy at all!!! And, Kirsten is just as lovely & sun-shiny in real life! I’m really excited to sit down with her at some point & talk about life and blogging. I also know there are a few other bloggers in the group so I’m looking forward to connecting with them as well. Once we get rolling with the activities I might even post a bit about some of the stuff we’re doing.

PS. No offense to the Guys, but I really think getting the hang of networking is going to be much easier amongst the company of like-minded women who already share some common interests. All women definitely eliminates the creepy pervert factor. In my limited experience when trying to “network” with guys there is always the question of whether they are honestly interested in helping you or whether they really are more interested in sleeping with you, or finding out if they could sleep with you, or imagining sleeping with you while they’re still talking to you .Yes, Creepy Photographer & the Weird Dude from Fashion Week who gave me the Pervert Googly Eyes when I handed you my business card, I’M TALKING TO YOU.

Are you a natural “joiner” or do you (like me) tend to shy away from organized group activities? What’s something that’s normally out of your comfort zone that you have recently tried or would like to try?


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