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Tomorrow morning I leave for Bloggers in Sin City.

I am SO SO excited. I would elaborate more on how excited I am but I am also SO SO SO sleep deprived.

Once I arrive in Vegas, I will meet up with Abby (!!!!) who I will be spending a day with before the actual conference begins.

Since I am barely coherent at the moment, I’ll give you the Math:

143576 = on a scale of one to ten how excited I am.
6547 = on a scale of one to ten how tired I feel at this moment.
58 = # of lovely bloggers I will meet this weekend
25 = # of times I’ve debated “Running into Mike Tyson in an elevator – scary, cool or both?”
16 = # of times I’ve thought about the possibility of stealing a tiger this weekend.
6 = # of bloggers who convinced me that the Katie Perry wig should be in my suitcase.
5 = time of wake up call tomorrow
3 = # hours of sleep I will get tonight
2 = # of goals I have for this trip (#1: do not throw up #2: make as many friends as possible)
1 = # of perfect bathing suits found late last night after 5685965894546 hours of shopping.
0 = # of hours of sleep over the weekend.

Back to the bathing suit: It really is perfect. I can’t wait to wear this poolside.

I won’t be blogging while I am in LV because my life is totally going to look like THIS for the next 4 days. Ok, maybe not. Maybe? I hope so?! I will post when I get back and have recovered from my hangover which I imagine will be of epic proportions.

If you’d like to keep tabs on our shenanigans, you can follow my tweets and the hashtag #BiSC

Happy Weekend Everyone! xox


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