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Kiss Me, I’m Irish…or Something

It’s funny, people have been trying to get me to wear dark green for years, claiming that with my dark hair, light skin and freckles that I have “the perfect Irish colouring to pull it off!” It’s true, I do have some distant Irish heritage on my maternal Grandmother’s side however, the dark hair and the fair complexion actually come from my Polish relatives on my Mom’s side. I’ve never worn a lot of dark green, even though I supposedly look good in it. When it comes to colour, I usually gravitate towards reds, corals and blush tones.

So, when EdenFantasys offered to send me a new piece of sexy lingerie to try I thought “Now is the time to test out this green theory!” I knew I wanted to try a corset so I chose this beautiful green satin and lace corset from Coquette’s Emerald Isle collection.


Although I have a fairly decent collection of lingerie, this is the first corset I’ve ever owned. I was really nervous about ordering something that is meant to be so fitted online, but I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised with the overall quality and fit.

The corset is made of rich emerald green satin with black lace overlay, and is fully boned. It features a front and centre hook & eye closure, lace up detailing in the back and an attached sash at the waist. The corset also features 6 removable garters and straps if you want to add stockings. There’s also an extra set of detachable bra straps included if you’d prefer not to go strapless.


Trying a corset for the first time is an interesting experience. Without any help it took me a while to figure out how to get in and out of the piece on my own and even longer to get the size adjusted correctly. What I found worked best for me was to do up the hooks and eyes on the front first and then adjust the fit with the ribbons at the back. Once I got myself into it and tightened the ribbons, I absolutely loved the effect. The corset nipped in my waist, giving my torso more of a sexy hourglass shape.

Because the corset features plastic boning, it definitely has a stiffer feel than non-boned lingerie pieces like the Baci Red Mesh Dress. Personally, I didn’t find it uncomfortable, however it did take a few minutes to get used to how it felt. The corset definitely gave me good posture and made me stand up straight. The downside is that by nature, a corset does restrict your range of motion slightly. I don’t think this is a piece that I’d leave on while having sex – then again – maybe that’s the point. This isn’t a piece that’s meant to stay on for long.

(With that said, I’ve gained a lot of respect for women who used to have to wear binding, physically uncomfortable corsets on a day to day basis.)

One of the main reasons why I chose the satin and lace corset was because (judging by the photos on the EdenFantasys website) it seems to be flattering to a wide range of body types. Here it is in plus size:


 My only negative comment is that I found the corset was cut quite high in the armpit area. This might not be a problem for everyone. It was just something I noticed. I probably could have pulled the corset down a bit, therefore showing more cleavage however, I wanted to keep things classy for you internet.

Overall, I really loved this piece and am excited to add it to my lingerie collection. It’s sexy, yet surprisingly tasteful. Paired with a pair of ruffly panties, it definitely has a fun, “sexy saloon girl” vibe. It’s perfect for some bedroom role-play or your next St. Patrick’s Day seduction.

Also, I think the rest of the world is on to something because I think the green looks nice!


This corset makes me feel like the heroine in my very own bodice ripping novel fantasy, anxiously waiting for my leading man to ride up on his horse and throw me down in a pile of hay so we can totally go to town on each other. Yes, that. I just need the leading man.

Have any of you tried corsets? What did you think?

Become a goddess wearing sexy and erotic lingerie from EdenFantasys

PS. I received the satin and lace corset by Coquette free of charge in exchange for my honest review of the product. 

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