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It’s Friday & I’m on the Internet


Does anyone else feel like July flew by in a blink of an eye? Please tell me I’m not the only one. Over the past few weeks I’ve spent far too much time in my office, finished a major work project (more on that soon!) and purchased my first bicycle since childhood – a dreamy purple retro cruiser aptly named P. Rogers Nelson. I’ve also been hanging out on the internet pretty much everywhere but here.

Here’s a few of the things I’ve been up to –

  • WNPR – If you know me on social media, I’m obsessed with all things podcast & NPR related. So, I was super thrilled to be a guest on the Colin McEnroe show where I got to discuss the Cinderella myth (“Cinderella Doesn’t Want to Marry the Prince”) and my thoughts on Cinderfellas (which I wrote about recently for The Toronto Sun.)
  • Sex and the Single Parent podcast – I had so much fun doing this podcast! The hosts Precious and Mel are awesome & we had a great chat where I opened up about my big breakup, the difference between dating in Toronto vs. dating on the west coast & lots of other stuff.
  • Wedding Chicks –  Curious about my thoughts on proposals? I was featured on the Wedding Chicks talking about love, proposals and authenticity.
  • eHarmony blog – I spoke with eHarmony writer Sue Nador about why “playing hard to get” is a bunch of BS & the difference between availability & healthy boundaries.
  • Zoosk – I was interviewed by Zoosk’s DateMix blog about my tips for dating multiple people at the same time (hint: don’t take all your dates to the same wine bar.)
  • Toronto Relationships podcast – I LOVED speaking to Casey Bradfield, the author & host of Toronto Relationships about dating, sex and blogging.
  • Ryerson School of Journalism Off Leash podcast – In case you missed it and you’re dying to hear more of my wacky Canadian accent (half kidding here), make sure you check out my guest spot on the  Off Leash podcast where I talk about sex journalism, dating and ethics.

I’ll be back soon with more stories, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy these links!



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