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It’s a Grey Area.

This blog is still experiencing some technical difficulties which is why I haven’t been able to post in a week. This has been driving me nuts so, I’ve been trying to distract myself with other fun things like organizing my closet. I know a bunch of you are probably frowning right now but honestly, I love, love, LOVE organizing closets. After sex, eating, and reading, clothing & shoe organization is up there on my list of favorite things to do. I will sleep with you and then in the morning, I might try and convince you that you should let me organize your dress shirts by color. If you date me long enough you’ll probably notice that your closet is mysteriously being populated by matching hangers. I can’t help myself. Maybe this comes from years of working in retail or maybe I’m just a giant weirdo. It’s probably a bit of both.

It was during one of these O.C.D closet cleaning frenzies this week that I noticed that almost everything in my wardrobe right now (with the exception of denim) is either Pink, White, Black or Grey.

Remember the pink explosion of last summer? It looks like the same thing is currently happening in my closet with the color Grey. Observe:

Four weeks ago: I was eating my lunch, when I saw on Twitter that there was a crazy shoe sale going down at Banana Republic. I finished the rest of my sandwich and marched down to BR where I found these babies for $27.

The suede is super soft and they are actually really comfortable. I can’t wait to wear these this spring.

A few days later: I made the realization that my shoes were a perfect match for my Grey nail-polish. sweet!

Three weeks ago: I was in a small town vintage store when I saw these boots. I’ve been looking for a pair of boots exactly like this for months….and there they were ….for $9. It was meant to be.

The low heel makes these boots very comfortable so, I’ve been wearing them every chance I get.

Two weeks ago
: I got an email announcing the launch of the new Rory Beca for Forever 21 collaboration. (Love, Love, Love Rory Beca and also really like the simplicity of this line for Forever 21) Later that afternoon, I was wandering around Dundas Square when I saw the Romper in the window of the F21. I tried it on & a few minutes later bought it. As you can see its also Grey. Charcoal Grey but, still Grey.

I can totally picture myself wearing this while wandering around The Strip this May. Charcoal isn’t a color I’d usually associate with the crazy over the top style of Vegas but, I tried it with some sky-high heels and this out-fit is all understated legginess. I like.

But, why all the Grey? Is it because its almost the end of winter in Toronto and I’m literally feeling Grey or is it just that I am a fan of easy to wear neutrals? Either way, today I caught myself checking out a pair of Grey Tom’s and finally admitted “I need help

What colors are you really drawn to lately?


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