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Introducing Tiny Ocean!

Yesterday I did something that I have wanted to do for a very long time: I launched my jewelry line on etsy!

I want all you to meet Tiny Ocean, my very own jewelry collection. You can visit my etsy site here or browse through

the Gallery page on Skinny Dip.

The story behind Tiny Ocean: In May of 2009 I walked away from a job that made me very unhappy and was literally making me sick. After I quit I felt so relieved that I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I decided that all I really wanted to do was make things. I used to make a lot of art projects as a kid. I’d fill up sketch books with fashion illustrations of my “future designs” (at the time I totally wanted  be the next Norma Kamali or Herve Leger. I also wanted to be a lawyer, a teen detective & the latest a movie star/pop sensation. 11 year olds dream big.). In university I’d still do creative things: I’d make paintings, I’d alter vintage clothing and I learned how to do my own home improvements. I loved doing all of these things and I had stopped doing almost all of them once I started working full time (which I think contributed to my general unhappiness–the lesson here: don’t neglect your creative outlet(s)). When I came to this realization I was visiting my Mom in BC. She’s an artist (who also makes jewelry) and has tons of jewelry supplies kicking around. I started making simple pearl bracelets and eventually graduated to making statement necklaces like the one above. 

I grew on the West Coast and love the ocean. I’ve always loved pearls (especially the real kind) because I feel like when I’m wearing them, I’m carrying around a tiny piece of the ocean–hence the name, Tiny Ocean. Growing up where I did (Hippy Central) really made me appreciate vintage/recycled clothing, and also gave me a sense of environmental awareness (recycling is a BIG DEAL in BC. Like, if you don’t do it you’ll get shot. Ok, maybe not but I grew up with the mentality that throwing away a tin can in THE GARBAGE was really, really BAD). I also am a stickler for quality materials and the buy less but buy better philosophy. I wanted my jewelry to reflect all of this. Most of the pieces on etsy right now are a mix of new, vintage and recycled materials. 

I also really like stories.  Each Tiny Ocean piece is named after a different (awesome) woman in my life. I’ll be posting a different piece each week on Skinny Dip, with a little background about the person who inspired it & the positive effect they’ve had on my life. For example, today’s photo is of the “Jackie” necklace. Jackie is one of my friends from work (Hi Jackie!!). Jackie is young, fun and very stylish. Jackie always looks very fashion forward, pulled together & classy. She also looks great in gold, so I thought this necklace (a mix of classic pearls & edgy gold colored chains) would be perfect for her. 

(*The last time Jackie and I hung out we drank these really sketchy blue vodka coolers that I found in the back of my fridge while I told her some of my dating disaster tales from my early 20’s. She was laughing so hopefully she wasn’t too traumatized. If she was, I’m hoping naming a necklace after her will make up for it!)

If you would like your very own unique namesake necklace, let me know–I also can do something custom just for you…or your mom, sister, girl friend, baby mama or whoever you think needs something pretty around their neck. Just ask!  From now until the end of March I will be offering $10 off for Skinny Dip readers. To be eligible you just have to either join the Facebook Fan Page, or follow me on Twitter & then let me know before you place your order (either by commenting or emailing me).

Thank you everyone for checking out the shop and supporting me! xox

What’s YOUR creative outlet?

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