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Inside my Closet: All Dressed Up

It feels like I haven’t blogged in way too long! My time in Toronto has been rolling by at break-neck speed. I’ve been running all over town, seeing friends, going to meetings, eating, drinking, shopping (just a little bit!) and doing a bazillion errands. I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything that has happened over the past week and a half. So, until I’m able to write a full re-cap of my time in Toronto, I thought I’d share a few tidbits by talking about one of my favorite subjects: clothes. 

One of the things I’ve always loved about Toronto is how people like to get dressed up. On the West Coast we like to keep things very casual – sometimes too much so. Walking around the streets of my hometown you’ll see lots of Lulu Lemon outfits, Uggs (sometimes worn together…ahhh!) and lots of (gasp) socks and sandals. When I moved to Toronto, I was impressed with how fashionable people seemed. After a few months on the coast I was looking forward to being back in Toronto for a few weeks so I’d have a chance to wear some of my dressier outfits.

I adore wearing dresses. They’re just so easy. I’ve never been one for mixing, matching & layering clothes (it actually gives me a bit of anxiety!) so I love the “low maintenance” aspect of throwing on a dress that you feel amazing in.

Since I had fun sharing with you some of my new editions to my closet, I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite dresses that I packed  for this trip (since I photographed them a few weeks ago when putting together this post)

1. Kimono Wrap Dress by Wilfred:  As you can tell by some of the deals I’ve scored recently, I’ve been quite frugal since I’ve been in BC. This dress – picked up at the Aritzia winter sale, has been my one big splurge. It’s super comfortable & flattering and I’ve been wearing this dress all week to meetings, dinners with friends & even a night out on the town. It looks great with heels, ankle boots or flat riding boots with black tights. You can also wear it open as a jacket over top of another dress! It’s safe to say that this dress and I are in love.

2. Vintage Halter Dress by Georgio Armani: This is one of my sister’s amazing vintage finds. I think she found it at a thrift shop in BC for less than $20. I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet however, because I think it would be perfect for an evening work event because it’s both sexy and business-like. You could also add a fun belt to mix things up!

3. Neon Floral Dress by Rachel by Rachel Roy: I love Rachel Roy’s style. Her designs are always feminine, colorful and with just the right amount of edge (in other words, just my style!). This dress is no exception. The shape feels very retro 60’s but the  neon flowers give it a fun modern twist. I scored this dress for 90% off ($20!) at a designer outlet store.

The mesh inlays on the side and back give this otherwise girly dress just the right amount of sexy edge.

1. One shoulder Cricket Dress by Rachel by Rachel Roy: The Bay (Canada’s National department store) is now carrying Rachel by Rachel Roy so, I have been trying to snatch up whatever I can on clearance. At $40 this dress was a steal! I don’t normally like strapless dresses because they always feel like they are falling off, plus there is the whole bra issue (to wear or not to wear?) I love this dress because the sash keeps it from falling down and there is built in boob support. It also doesn’t hurt that I feel like a total goddess whenever I put it on. I wore this out last weekend for a night of drinks & dancing with friends on College street. The dress and I had a fun night on the town 😉

I’m positive that all of these dresses are going to be in heavy rotation for the next few months!

Tell me about  your favorite dress!

{PS. I’m still in Toronto for a few more days. Yesterday I packed up and moved most of my worldly possessions into a storage locker. The rest are sitting next to me in two bulging suitcases. The next few days are going to be really busy but I promise to be back to blogging regularly once things have settled down. xox}


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