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I’m Too Sexy for this Airport

My lovely friend Jean posted this amusing message on my facebook wall the other day:

I’m at the Hong Kong airport right now killing time before my next flight, and the public internet kiosk has forbidden me to access SkinnyDip because it contains the word “sex,” which is apparently offensive to other passengers and inappropriate for children. You’ve been blocked by the Hong Kong airport! Saucy minx.”

Having your website blocked in a Foreign country = a new blogging milestone???

I kind of LOVE IT.

Speaking of things I LOVE…

This morning I was reading Reinventing SandyB and saw that she had posted a list of personal “Nuggets” (brief abstract thoughts, lessons learned, inspirations..) using the blyberg.net card catalog generator -a geeky but cool program that allows you to immortalize your random thoughts on vintage-looking cue cards. I always have a lot of stuff running through my head but most of this stuff doesn’t really warrant a full blog post. Some things are better kept short & sweet. I thought these cards were the perfect way to share some of these thoughts. So, here are a few of mine:

{Installment #1} Things I know at 29 & other important stuff:

Making these cards is seriously addicting. I might do this again next week!

(PS. If you want to read more, check out Sandy‘s! She knows what she’s talking about.)

Does anyone else have any other Nuggets of wisdom to share?


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