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Icy Thanksgiving Kisses

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canucks! I hope you’re having a wonderful long-weekend with your friends & family.

When it comes to reviewing sex toys and lingerie, people often ask me whether I get to choose the products myself. The answer is both yes and no. The companies I work with are really great and usually will let me pick out the products I want to feature on my blog – however, there are always a few surprises! Falling in the “surprise” category is the  Posh Silicone Ice Massager Kiss – a vibrator that you fill with water and freeze before using. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s an ice vibrator. 

Although I own a lot of different sex toys, I’ve never tried anything remotely like this so I was excited when I received this toy as part of the Cal Exotics Sexpert program (thank you!!)

The Posh Silicone Ice Massager Kiss is a small, lipstick sized vibrator that measures approximately 2.5″ by 2″. The toy is made of food grade material and is Hypo-allergenic, Latex free, Non-porous and Phthalates free. The toy consists of a pink silicone “body” with a removable bullet vibrator. It is powered by two watch batteries which are included in the package along with extras (because really, who keeps spare watch batteries on hand?)

Now, this is where things get interesting – you fill the pink “body” with water and pop it in your freezer until it gets hard (heh). When it’s time to play, just insert the bullet, turn on & go!

Why would you want to use a vibrator that’s basically made of ice?! Because it feels awesome – that’s why. Whether it’s ice cubes or hot wax – experimenting with different temperatures can take sex to new, interesting, tingly places. Whereas men tend to respond best to warm sensations (think anything that mimics the inside of a mouth or a vagina), the clitoris actually responds to cold temperatures. This is where ice-play comes in. Whether you want to rub ice cubes up and down your partner’s body or experiment with temperature play solo, this toy does it all without freezing your fingertips in the process.

I was all ready to pop this little guy in the freezer, however when I tore open the box and looked at the toy closely I noticed something –  It has a mouth and lips. Suddenly it dawned on me why this toy is called the Ice Massager Kiss. You know how I feel about sex toys with mouths. They freak me out. As soon as I saw the set of lips on this thing, they couldn’t be unseen.

Needless to say, Joe the Intern is terrified of the Ice Massager Kiss. As soon as Joe caught sight of it, he spent the next 90 minutes hiding behind my armoire in a cold sweat.

Although the mouth on the Posh Ice Massager was a bit unsettling at first, I knew I had a job to do. I decided to take one for the team & give it a whirl.

As a heads up, using the Ice Massager Kiss requires a bit of pre-planning. After cleaning the toy thoroughly with anti-bacterial toy cleaner, I filled it up with water before placing it in the freezer for a few hours.

The Ice Massager takes about 3-4 hours to freeze.

So, unless you’re willing to have a conversation that sounds like this –

“Um, what’s that thing in the freezer?”

“Oh, that? That’s my vibrator”

– and possibly alienate your roommates, this toy might be best used when living alone or with a partner that understands your OCD need to do things like freeze your sex toys.

Despite my initial apprehensions (would this toy be anymore pleasurable than sticking a bag of peas between my legs?) and it’s slightly creepy Miss Piggy-esque lips, I actually really enjoyed playing with the Ice Massager Kiss. The sensation is really different and surprisingly pleasurable. Although the bullet vibrator offers 7 different vibration settings, the actual toy has more of a teasing, tingly feeling. When combined with the layer of ice, the vibrations weren’t enough to make me orgasm, but I definitely enjoyed working myself into a frenzy.

The actual bullet vibrator is quite powerful in it’s own right, so when I couldn’t take anymore of the teasing, I whipped it out of the toy and finished myself off with several really tingly, hot orgasms.

Although I initially thought this toy would most likely be a novelty piece that I would only play with once or twice, I’m actually really excited to play with it again – hopefully next time with a partner. The Ice Massager would be a great for alternating between hot and cold sensations during oral sex or to create a sexy, tingling feeling when applied to other body parts during a sensual massage.

For those of you who prefer your sex toys without a face, the Ice Massager Kiss also comes in a more “neutral” version – The Posh Ice Massager Wave. Both The Wave and The Kiss are available for $22.99 (US) making this toy a fun and affordable option for anyone looking to add something different to their bedroom play. If either of them interest you, they can be found here:

PinkCherry Sex Toys

Have you ever tried ice play?

This toy was provided for me free of charge by California Exotics in exchange for my honest assessment of the product. As per FTC guidelines, all opinions are my own because that’s how I roll.


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