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I Was Hoping for Jimi Hendrix but Got Michael Bolton Instead

When the nice people at Rocks-Off Toys offered to send me one of their Rock-Chick vibes I was super excited. I remember seeing the Rock-Chick at Come as You Are a few years ago when I bought my first luxury vibrator and have been curious about it ever since. With a name like Rock-Chick I thought the toy sounded totally bad-ass.

I was hoping that my first toy review for 2013 to be something amazing & totally swoon worthy. For that reason, I really wanted to like this toy. However after trying it twice, I have mixed feelings about it.

Here’s the skinny on the  Rock-Chick massager:

Conceived as an alternative to the traditional rabbit vibrator, the Rock-Chick is a 100% body safe, dual function vibe made of silky smooth medical grade silicone. When inserted, the hooked end of the toy is meant to dig in to your g-spot, while the top ribbed portion sits directly on your clit.

The toy is powered by a removable, one speed, battery operated bullet vibrator and features approximately 4.5 inches of insertable length.   In theory, if you move this toy inside you with “gentle rocking motions” it will help simulate the feeling of having sex with a real, live, partner.

Once again in theory, the idea behind the Rock-Chick is great. I mean, simultaneous G-Spot and C-Spot sounds awesome right? However, my experience with the toy didn’t exactly “rock.”

Using this toy while lying on my back was a complete FAIL. In this position the toy didn’t line up with my anatomy at all. When inserted, the top half designed for clitoral stimulation reached halfway to my bellybutton – which, contrary to what a guy I slept with in college believed, is NOT where my clitoris is located. Secondly, this toy is meant to be “hands free” however, trying to use this toy without firmly holding on to it was like trying to attach a paper-clip to an enormous stack of papers. As soon as I let go, the Rock-Chick flew halfway across the bed. Luckily I was alone, or this thing could have seriously given someone a black eye!

Because the toy doesn’t actually have it’s own motor and is powered by a small removable bullet, I also found the vibrations were very weak. The vibrations did not travel well throughout the toy and were barely perceptible where it counts: on the tip designed for G-Spot stimulation.

With name like Rock Chick I was expecting orgasms of the same magnitude as Axel Rose trashing a hotel room, the kind of orgasms that would make even Mick Jagger blush… but alas, no dice. The experience left me wondering why this toy is popular in the first place. Was I missing something?

Determined to make it work, I went on the EdenFantasys to read about other people’s experience with the toy. One of the reviewers suggested for best results you should try using the toy while sitting up and/or grinding against a pillow or the side of the bed.

Although the thought of humping a pillow seemed kind of undignified, as someone who enjoys being on top, I have to admit I found the toy much more pleasurable in this position. The toy fit much better with my anatomy and the rocking motion created a pleasurable sensations, especially along the ridged section designed for C-Spot stimulation. However, there’s still something awkward about the design of this toy. After a few minutes of “rocking out” the ridged texture of the toy just became annoying and felt like it was digging into my pubic bone – not fun. 

I do think this toy would be really fun to use while pleasuring your partner orally. The vibrations are just enough of a tease to make things interesting while you uh, make things interesting for someone else. However, given the fact that I am still sifting through guys who own rotating tie racks and bizarre costume collections, I don’t see that scenario playing out any time in the super near future. Until then, in the toy box the Rock-Chick shall stay.

(Even if I did find myself in that situation, I think I’d probably grab the We-Vibe 3 – a smaller, more discreet toy with multiple vibration settings that I already know works really well with my anatomy.)

Edit: a couple of people asked me about the toy’s size. To give you an idea, here’s a photo of the Rock-Chick side by side with the We-Vibe and my favourite tube of NARS lipstick. 

While doing some research online, I learned that reviews of the Rock-Chick have been overwhelmingly mixed. Some people love it. Some people hate it. My opinion falls somewhere in the middle. If it fits with your anatomy, this toy has the potential to be awesome. However, if it doesn’t – like my experience – the toy simply doesn’t rock. 

The toy that was meant to make me feel like this:

Left me feeling more like this….

In other words, it wasn’t the epic guitar solo I was hoping for.

Has anyone else tried the Rock-Chick?

*I received the Rock-Chick free in exchange for my honest review of the product. All opinions are my own. 

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