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I Left My Heart and Brain in Vegas

I’ve been back from Vegas for almost a week and I still haven’t written about Bloggers in Sin City. My excuse?


After talking to a few of my mommy friends, I’ve come to the conclusion that “Vegas Brain” is similar to “Pregnancy Brain.” However, whereas as “Pregnancy Brain” caused by pregnancy and massive hormonal changes, “Vegas Brain” is caused by mass amounts of sun, buffets, sleep deprivation and margaritas. I’m still coming down from the experience of spending a dreamy week in the desert with 60+ amazing bloggers. This was my second time at BiSC and it was just as amazing as last year. Although I’ve been back for almost a week I’m still having a hard time getting back into the swing of “real life.” SIMONE’S BRAIN AND BODY STILL NOT WORKING GOOD. Hence, “The Vegas Brain”

When I think about it, my case of “Vegas Brain” (or VB as I like to call it. Not to be confused with VD. I DO NOT HAVE VD.) started when I was still in Vegas. After Saturday night’s Mad Men themed party, which included lots of eyeliner and fake hair, way too many cocktails and a barefoot jaunt through the Imperial Palace casino at 5:00 am (and probably also should have included a tetanus shot now that I think about it), I woke up at 9 am feeling supremely out of it. You know how some people are hilarious drunks? Well, apparently I’m a funny hung-over person. To quote my lovely room-mate for the weekend Grace,

“Everything you were doing that morning was making me laugh”

I walked into our bathroom to brush my teeth, crashed into the sink and somehow emerged (much to Grace‘s amusement) with a hair dryer wrapped around my ankle. A few minutes later, Grace observed as I tried to pull my suitcase onto the bed only to discover that it was plugged into the wall (I’d put my curling iron inside my suitcase and luckily remembered to turn it off.) Besides crashing into stuff and falling down a lot, another symptom of VB includes losing the ability to speak properly. I kept on putting words in the wrong order which basically made me sound like Yoda with a Canadian accent.

I was able to cure my hangover (thanks to one of the Flamingo‘s amazing lattes and some questionable fajitas from the Harley Davidson Cafe) but my “Vegas Brain” hasn’t gone away. This week I have wished several people “Good Morning” when it is clearly afternoon, almost sent the wrong article to my editor and caught myself accidentally walking away with someone else’s cart at the grocery store. I thought I was getting better however, yesterday (after consuming the giant gummy bear lollipop from our gift bags) I told my Mom “Tummy hurt it is.”  Yes, Canadian Yoda I am.


Did I mention I’m also having a lot of unexplained post-Vegas knee pain? I’m getting old.

PRE VEGAS BRAIN. Getting in touch with my inner Audrey Hepburn at the Mad Men party.

It’s hard reintegrating yourself back into real life after a week in Sin City. During the first 48 hours I kept catching myself shaking my first at the sky and saying things like:


Apparently, Vegas also turns me into Tracy Jordan.

The only part I don’t love about BiSC is when it ends. Last weekend I hung out with so many awesome people and it’s hard to get used to the fact that I now have to talk to them on the internet and not you know, over margaritas. I miss talking to Grace every morning as I get ready, buffet-ing it up with Almie, trying on fake hair with Ameena, having heart to hearts with Caryn, being Canadian with Jen, having hilarious conversations with Melissa, dancing with Mikael, and getting to know all of the other lovely BiSC-uits. I also keep expecting Kelly or Germana with their sequined fedoras to jump out from behind a bush to take a photo of something that’s going on. I get sad when this doesn’t happen because I miss them and they have some serious photography skills:

MY BRAIN FEELS LIKE SAD MICKEY. This masterpiece was taken by Germana.

I also spent a few days before the conference hanging out with Abby that involved more margaritas, Target shopping, Mexican food and wine.

I was feeling pretty burnt out before I left for Vegas. Hanging out with all the fabulous people at  Bloggers in Sin City  renewed my love for blogging and reminded me why I do this in the first place. I’m really excited about all the posts I have planned for you guys over the next month. There’s going to be some really awesome giveaways, more toy reviews and lots of Vegas tidbits once I get my photos and brain organized. Until I figure out how to string sentences together properly you should totally check out Almie‘s post about Vegas Life Lessons because it’s awesome and I’m in it!

Showing some BiSC-uit Love. (via Ameena) 

How have you guys been? What did I miss?!

PS. If you’re looking for more reading material, please check out my interview  over at the Single Warehouse Blog!


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