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I Do You. You Do Me.

Last month I interviewed singer, songwriter & blogger Nicole Simone of Late July for 20-something.ca ‘s series on inspiring women. I thought I’d post a link to the interview in case you missed it. As you may remember, Nicole Simone and I have a bit of a Bro-Mance going on so, it was super fun to play journalist and interview her about her upcoming album, the indie music scene in Toronto (something that’s actually totally foreign to me) & social media. You can read the article here.

{ Nicole}

If you get the chance, check out her music & her blog (even if its just to perv at all the gorgeous photos she posts)

To return the favor, Nicole interviewed me! If you’re curious to hear more about what kind of music I listen to, what inspires me or how I secretly wish that Mick Jagger was my Dad (I think you just have to read the interview) you can check it out here.

{This is the only semi-artsy photo I have of myself. Taken a few years ago}

Thanks for the interview Nicole & for the super sweet comments. My present to you is the title of the post. I’ll let you make the first “That’s what she said” joke. I know you want to.




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