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Today is my day off. I had this big plan that I’d wake up early and spend the whole day writing and being productive. Neither happened. Last night was my company Christmas party. The party started off at Maro, then around 2am a few of us headed over to The Drake for more drinks before last call. There was talk of going to an after-hours place, but BF and I headed home around 3-3:30am. Lots of cocktails & fun times with the work ladies = YES. Early morning and clear head = Not so much.

Instead, I spent the day in bed, catching up on my shows and watching the first light snow of the year fall outside my window. Actually not a bad way to spend a really cold day. Maybe it was the holiday themed episode of Grey’s Anatomy I watched or the snow outside, but I started to feel really Christmas-ey.

One thing I have always loved about this time of year is sending and receiving Holiday cards. I used to like helping my Mom with her Christmas cards when I was a kid. Once I got older, I started sending out cards of my own. Last year I bought some really great cards, but was too busy/stressed with work to send them out. So, I was thinking…

Since this is Skinny Dip’s first Christmas, I thought it would be really fun to send out holiday cards to my readers!
(Because who doesn’t enjoy receiving fun mail?)

If you would like to receive a holiday card from me, please email me your address to skinnydipblog [AT] gmail.com. Or if we’re friends in real life, send me a facebook message! Don’t be shy!! Let me send you pretty snail mail!

Tomorrow (once my brain is working properly again) I plan on blogging up a storm (I have some more stories about dating/sex/relationships that I’m working on, as well as the usual dose of fashion thrown in) so stay tuned.

What’s your favorite thing to do during the holidays?


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