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Guest Post | Sexiest Locations to Spend a Winter Getaway

As soon as the weather cools off and the grey November days (which are typical for the West Coast) start to roll in, my sense of Wanderlust gets even stronger. In fact, I’ve caught myself numerous times looking over photos from LA and Miami (two of my favourite destinations south of the border) and daydreaming about an impromptu trip to New Orleans. I can’t help it!

Since travel is obviously on my mind, today I thought I’d let my travel writer friend, Susan step in with a guest post. Take it away Susan!

When people think of getting away, they think of summer getaways to white sandy beaches and clear Blue Ocean. If a summer vacation is not within your budget or nor does it fall into the timing you need, consider a winter break with your partner or friends instead.Think about it –  it’s unique!

Winter Olympics in Sochi –

There are so many wintry destinations to choose from and winter next year is going to be very fashionable considering the Winter Olympics in Sochi will be on the international calendar. If you can get tickets, what better way to remember your time together and take in the world’s best talent in skiing, snowboarding, bobsledding, ice skating, and even more. The Winter Olympics have been slightly controversial due to Russia’s conservative views on gay rights, but if you’re set on attending the games then book your accommodation well in advance. There’s sure to be a lot on offer nearby as Russia tries to make the most of the Olympic tourism traffic.

Ice Hotel Vacations – 

Quebec plays host to the world famous Hotel Glace. Take in the best of French Canadian culture at this luxury spa hotel, which has first-class accommodation, a wonderful restaurant and bar, and every type of spa comfort and pampering service which you could possibly imagine. You can also get some wonderful photos in this incredible and unique ice architecture.

Whilst the Hotel Ranga is not an ice hotel, its location in Iceland is a prime place to see the Northern lights in 2013. Accommodation wise, you can stay in themed rooms that represent each of the 6 continents.

Hit the winter beaches of Hawaii – 

It might surprise you to know that Hawaii is very active in the winter months. More than just active in fact, Hawaii has unique attractions that really come into their own in the last quarter of the year. The waters are still warm, and from November onwards you can enjoy prime whale watching season with humpbacks a specialty in the area. Surfing fanatics can also enjoy the busy season from October to May. If you are an active, outdoor kind of couple, this might make the perfect winter beach getaway for you.

Scottish Highland retreat Scotland has some fantastic winter countryside, where you can escape the busy city. Many of Scotland’s most fantastic houses remain intact and they cater perfectly for a hot and spicy getaway. Prices are reasonable and the winter weather is actually a bonus, especially if you go around Christmas time. Check out cheap flights via air transat.

Winter getaways needn’t be a drag or a second-best option. They can be every bit as fun and as appealing as a summer trip. As you will be flying in the winter, and booking hotels and during less busy periods, you will also save yourself a lot of money and stress. Give a winter getaway destination a chance and find yourself pleasantly surprised by what the latter quarter of the year can offer.

Where are you daydreaming of this winter? Let us know in the comments!

Susan Varano is a freelance writer. Residing in the UK, but more often than not traveling the globe, Susan has spent over 15 years in freelance, writing about some of the worldís best and sometimes unheard of travel destinations.

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