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Go F*CK Yourself With The Nooky Box & Emojibator


(The photo above, while gorgeous, isn’t mine. It’s artist Krystle Mae Jaramillo posed with her pair of Emojibators. Check out her art here.)

When I announced my semi-retirement as a sex blogger, I made a sex toy bucket list of everything I still wanted to try and write about. One the list: the hilarious & kind of adorable Eggplant Emojibator. I mean, it’s an eggplant shaped a vibrator – it’s basically begging to be written about on Skinny Dip ( and now it seems especially apt since my recent post about creepy sexts).

Well, sometimes the stars just align. Not long after making that list, the fine folks at The Nooky Box reached out to me. The Nooky Box is a sex-positive subscription box that’s delivered every three months. They sent me this quarter’s box which features (you guessed it) the Emojibator!


The theme of this quarter’s box is “Sex is Healthy.” Nooky Box founder, Meg Ross, said she was inspired to launch The Nooky Box because she wanted to encourage more positive conversations around sex. So, she decided to create a carefully vetted subscription box that helps couples take the guess work out of choosing the right accessories for the bedroom.

Over the past few years I’ve reviewed several adult subscription boxes, so what makes the Nooky Box unique? Meg says, “We carefully vet and choose the products that go into the boxes with the intention of creating an exciting and cohesive sexual experience. We offer a full user experience with toys, Lube, SWAG, a playlist of music and an erotic story.”

Their company philosophy is “YAY SEX!” As Meg explains, “we want our customers to feel good about their intimate relationships” while helping foster a sex positive environment where people can talk about sex openly and honestly. Amen, to that.


Here’s what I found inside my “Sex is Healthy” Nooky Box:

Perfect Fit Ribbed Cock Ring

Durable and comfortable. This ribbed cock ring by Perfect Fit gives stronger long-lasting erections which hopefully will lead to some great orgasms for everyone involved.

Almost Naked Organic Lube

Almost Naked by Good Clean Love is a water-based lube, made with aloe vera and infused with a touch of lemon and vanilla. When I’m not using Hathor/Sutil lube, this is my go-to brand.

Bfit Classic Love Balls

Make kegal exercise fun with The Bfit Classic Ben Wa style exercise balls. I haven’t tried these love balls yet but I love that they’re silicone and look easy to clean.

Pandora’s Pops NookyBerry Aphrodisiac Lollipops

These Nooky Berry Lollipops by Pandora’s Pops are activated with aphrodisiac herbs and essential oils. I’m saving these for a special occasion and/or a really strong sugar craving (hopefully the stars will once again align & I’ll be able to enjoy them with someone else.)

Bonus Stickers, Samples, and Surprises

Each Nooky Box comes with a variety of stickers, samples, and bonus surprises! Plus a printed short Erotica story. One of the bonus surprises: individually packaged intimate wipes – perfect for stashing in your date night survival kit.

& lastly, the piece de resistance…

Eggplant Emojibator

The Eggplant Vibrator by Emojibator provides 10 settings and includes a hard protective case for storage and travel.


The Eggplant Emojibator is basically one big “That’s What She Said” joke waiting to happen. Although I’ve seen plenty of photos of it online, I was shocked to discover that in person it’s much smaller than I thought it would be. In fact, it fits in the palm of my hand.

Whether you’re dick bombing or photographing an eggplant shaped vibrator, let the record show that camera angles and distance matter.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 3.20.30 PM

While smaller than I expected, it is cute as hell. The Eggplant Emojibator, along with the other items in the Nooky Box, would make an excellent Bachelorette or sexy wedding shower gift.

(Joe the Intern has already tried to claim it for his own purposes. In his words, “it looks like the perfect item to roast over an open spit. PS. It’s dinner time and I may be hangry.“)

What I liked about my Nooky Box experience:

Minimal packaging

The box that it’s shipped in is the actual Nooky Box. It doesn’t feel quite as luxurious as some of the other subscription boxes (that are literally boxes within boxes), but it’s a lot more environmentally friendly.

Gender neutral design

While I personally prefer the edgy/femine chic aesthetic of the Unbound Box, the design of the Nooky Box is fun, bright and gender neutral which is perfect for couples who are looking for something that’s not overtly feminine or masculine. However, the toys contained within the box are less neutral. In order to make use of all of the products at least one person needs to have a vagina and another a penis.

Full sized products

I love that both the vibrator and the love balls are made of body safe materials by reputable companies. The not-quite-full-sized but still substantial tube of Good Clean Love is also a nice touch & perfect for stashing in a purse or overnight bag!

Overall, I thought the Nooky Box provided a thoughtful, well curated experience and I’m really glad I had a chance to check them out before I officially retired.

Do you have a favourite subscription box? Share in the comments below!

Thanks again to The Nooky Box for providing these products free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion. All views are my own because that’s how I roll. 

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