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Giveaway | Skinny Dip x Crave

On Monday I finished the first draft of my very first book!! I’m so excited. This has been a huge life goal for me for as long as I can remember, so I’m still kind of in shock! (Even typing the last few sentences feels totally surreal!) There’s still a lot to do editing wise, but I’m excited about the rest of the process. So, if you don’t see me online over the next few weeks it’s because I’m working hard at turning this project into something that I can eventually share with you guys.

In the meantime, I’ve collaborated with one of my favourite brands, Crave for an exclusive giveaway. If Crave sounds familiar, it’s because they are the geniuses behind one of my top 10 favourite sex toys ever, the Crave Duet (aka the James Bond of mini vibrators) and the gorgeous Crave Vesper necklace.

Crave is about to launch a new first-of-its-kind vibrator and wants to give Skinny Dip readers early access + a chance to win one before they hit the shelves!

Click on this link & enter your info for a chance to win Crave’s new top secret vibrator! The giveaway will run until April 18th and winners will be announced on the 19th before the official launch.

(Knowing Crave, I’m sure we’re in for something good!)

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