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Sexy Fun in the Tub with Bath Kitten by Booty Parlor

One of the downsides of staying with my Mom is that I don’t have as much privacy as I did before. This only ever becomes an issue when nice people like my friend Katrina from Ohhh Canada send me cool stuff like new sex toys to try or books about penises to read. Although I’m open about my sex toy collection with the people I date, I’d be mortified if my Mom ever heard any funny noises coming from my bedroom. So, basically I have to wait until I am alone in the house to try anything. I feel like I’m part of married couple that has to wait to have sex until after the kids go to bed except there are no kids and I’m basically just having sex with myself. Welcome to my life!

A few weeks ago Katrina of sent me the Bath Kitten by Booty Parlor Gift Set.  I’ve been dying to give it a whirl but due to lack of “alone time” it’s been sitting on my desk, taunting me in it’s pretty pink box for a few weeks now. Earlier this week I FINALLY had some time to myself where I could indulge in a nice long bath & take the Bath Kitten set for a spin.

Bath Kitten gift set - Booty Parlor

I’ve been a fan of Booty Parlor’s cheeky and cutely packaged products ever since Katrina introduced me to their Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Plumping Lip gloss (which has since become a favorite of mine) so I was excited to see what their Bath Kitten Gift Set had in store.

This cute little package comes with one “Purring Massage Mitt” and a bottle of “Naughty Bubbles Bath Milk” designed to help you transform your  bath time into a sexy, luxurious spa experience.

The Purring Massage Mitt is made of ultra soft terry cloth that helps slough away dead skin, while the tiny vibrator located inside sends pleasurable vibrations all over. The Naughty Bubbles Bath Milk is a decadent dessert inspired treat that smells like white chocolate & honey (yum!) and contains natural skin conditioning ingredients. Active ingredients in bath milk include kukui nut oil (moisturizer), macadamia nut oil (skin restorative), silk and milk proteins (improves elasticity) and vitamin E (antioxidant).

Soft skin AND a little bath time fun?! I like the sounds of that!

Unlike many things in life, the Massage Mitt comes with batteries! This means you don’t have to make any awkward runs to the convenience store before you partake in some “me time.”

The small vibrator that acts as the “purring” mechanism in the Massage Mitt is fully waterproof. This means you can just sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the experience…..which is exactly what I did!

First of all, I must mention that the Naughty Bubbles smell good enough to eat. As soon as I poured them into the bath the whole room was filled with a subtle vanilla-meets-white -chocolate fragrance. It was quite lovely!

Once my bath water was running, I turned on the little “purring” bullet vibrator and inserted into the side opening of the Massage Mitt. Once inside the Massage Mitt, the vibrations are very subtle. Running the Massage Mitt over your skin definitely feels good but the vibrations probably aren’t strong enough to get you off  – at least they weren’t for me (Yes, I checked.) They feel good in a “wow, this foot bath feels good!” kind of way, NOT in a “This feels so good I’m going to have an explosive orgasm” kind of way. With that said, the subtle vibrations definitely were a relaxing and definitely got me in the mood for something more.

My only complaint about the Massage Mitt is that I found it difficult to turn the vibrations on and off. In theory you’re supposed to be able to do this without removing the vibrator from the mitt however, I found I had to reach in and fully remove the vibe in order to turn it on or off. This is the only detail that makes the Massage Mitt slightly awkward to use.

Being the curious bath kitten that I am, I couldn’t resist removing the bullet vibrator from inside the Massage Mitt and having some post bath time playtime with it. On it’s own, that little vibe is actually quite powerful and perfect for a bath time quickie. The Massage Mitt also works well on it’s own to exfoliate in the shower.

With wedding season upon us, I would definitely think about giving this as a fun bridal shower gift. It’s chic and tastefully sexy. If you’re more conservative you get a cute bath gift set & some relaxing massage action or, if you’re a bit more of a frisky kitten (like me) you also get a mini vibrator to play around in or out of the tub all for the reasonable price of $39.99.

I would recommend this product to:

-Anyone who is looking for a cute gift & loves clever packaging.

-Someone who is curious about vibrators but wants to start by dipping their toes in the shallow end with a product that’s super non-threatening.

My last piece of advice would be this: After you’re finished playing with the Bath Kitten Massage Mitt, REMOVE THE BATTERIES. After using the Bath Kitten Set, I cleaned everything off & put it back in it’s original box, which I then placed on my dresser. A few hours later I walked by my dresser and the whole box started shaking and vibrating. Fearing that it might be possessed, I did what anyone would do, I removed it from it’s box and stuck it deep into the back of my lingerie drawer. Everything was fine until I went in to grab a bra the next day, and heard a loud buzzing sound. I guess we’re to assume that the little vibe is either one very sensitive (& powerful) little piece of machinery or I’m like the Dr. Doolittle of sex toys – they just like to talk to me (and the people around me) whenever they get the chance. Either is a very real possibility.

Blogger. Bath Kitten. Sex Toy Whisperer.

I like the sounds of that.

What are some of your favorite bath products?


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