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Favorite Things: July Edition

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Does anyone else feel like they’re suffering from a permanent heavy heart this summer?  Between Orlando, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile & Dallas (+ other things), it feels like the world needs a giant get well soon card (heck, say what you will – I’m still reeling from the passing of Prince.) I imagine many of you feel the same way. So, in lieu of a more serious blog post, I’ve decided to keep things light today. I’ve learned that it’s important to stay politically engaged but also participate in things that make you feel joyful whenever you can. For me, this means spending time with people I love, tuning into my favorite podcasts, listening to amazing music & reading good books. In the spirit of sharing, here’s some of my favorite things this month.

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Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 8.33.59 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-11 at 10.36.16 AM1. Becca by Rebecca Virtue swimwear – In case you haven’t heard, I’m all about one-piece bathing suits.  bought this gorgeous black lace (crochet?) bathing suit when I was in LA and it’s honestly, the most comfortable, flattering piece of swimwear I’ve ever owned. It manages to be sexy while at the same time “sucking everything in” (without making you feel like you’re wearing a sausage casing.) The fabric is gorgeously soft & the plunge neckline is all kinds of magic. As someone with larger boobs, it’s still super supportive and keeps everything in place just like in the photo. Like I said – magic. I’d never heard of this line of swimwear but now I’m completely obsessed.

2. Kimonos – I’m late to the kimono scene. I did however, pick up a really cute one (like the one above) to wear as a poolside cover up.

3. Retro lapel pins – Raise your hand if you’re also excited about the return of lapel pins! As a kid I had a bunch of lapel pins that I would attach to my denim jacket – making me feel totally bad-ass. I’m particularly excited about this Prince pin (naturally) from one of my favorite stores in LA, Hemingway & Pickett and this Frida Kahlo pin (via Found Retail.) I’m eyeing up this Larry David pin for my sister.

4. Sex Object by Jessica Valenti – Not exactly light reading, but I could not put this book down. Some people may find Valenti’s experiences with sex, violence, sexism and feminism disturbing or jarring, but I recognized so much of my own experiences within the pages of this memoir.

5. I Will Find You by Joanna Connors – One of the best books I’ve read this year. A Cleveland journalist who was brutally raped in her early 30’s by a stranger, goes back 21 years later to investigate the man who raped her and find out who he was. The result is a memoir that’s totally riveting and full of emotional gut punches.

6. It Ended Badly: Thirteen of the Worst Breakups in History by Jennifer Wright – Spanning centuries and cultures, this laugh out loud book covers some of the historically worst breakups from ancient Rome to 1950’s Hollywood. Witty and informative, this is history of heartbreak-replete with be-headings, uprisings, creepy sex dolls, and celebrity gossip-and its disastrously bad consequences throughout time.

7. 2 Dope Queens – Most of the podcasts I listen to are…how should I put this? Very murder-y. I love true crime and legal podcasts like Undisclosed and Truth & Justice. This podcast hosted by Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson is the polar opposite (and let’s be real – probably good for my mental health.) Along with their favorite comedians, Jessica & Phoebe discuss dating, sex, race, pop culture and more. The result is totally hilarious & life-affirming. I highly recommend it & literally cannot wait for season two. Joe the Intern is also a fan.

8. Dear Sugar Radio – How did I not know that one of my favorite authors Cheryl Strayed co-hosted a podcast?! I’m also late to the party here, but this podcast gives me all the feels and is just so, so, good. If you loved Dear Sugar the book, you’ll enjoy this too.

9. Reply All: On the Inside podcast series OK, so this one is totally murder-y. If you’re looking for something to soothe your cravings for Serial Season 1, this four part series (“On the Inside”) is the closest thing I’ve found yet – and it’s fantastic. Listen. You won’t be disappointed.

10. Gavin Turek – Love soul music? You need to check out Gavin Turek. She’s a mix of disco/soul and toured with Mayer Hawthorne. I went to see her twice while I was in LA because she was doing a residency at a local club. She’s amazing. I’ve had her “You’re Invited” album on repeat ever since.

What are you loving, listening to and/or reading this summer?

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