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Explore Desires: 10 Ways To Celebrate NationalSex Day


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Promoting open and healthy discussions around sexuality, intimacy, and relationships is what National Sex Day is all about. This is celebrated to encourage individuals to be more open and accepting of sexual identities and embrace differences. Sexuality is a very natural component of human nature and it deserves understanding, respect, and positive engagement. Human sexuality is incredibly diverse and exploring desires should be encouraged, not just for pleasure, but also to improve the relationship one has with oneself. 

Here are ten ways in which you can celebrate National Sex Day and experience pleasure without feeling guilty about it. Whether you want to ride solo, with your partner, or with another couple, succumb to your desires and let them take you to another world. 

Start Swiping 

We know dating apps can be cumbersome. But maybe you deserve to go on a date and then get some on National Sex Day. without overthinking, install the app and get swiping. You may end up having a really good time! And if you do not want to go through the trouble of finding a date, you can always hire an escort.

Explore Dirty Talk 

Dirty talk is one of the most underrated forms of foreplay. There is a lot you can explore in this regard, especially since this is related to a lot of kinks people have. Dirty talk appeals to our creative senses and can make things quite spicy. Start by talking about what you would like to do and how, and then take it ahead from there. 

Talk about Sex with Your Friends 

Whenever we celebrate something, we also talk about it. Then why do we stay hushed up when it comes to our sex lives? Talking about sex quashes the taboos around it, and these taboos need to be quashed. Talking about sex with friends can normalize certain practices, as well as spark your imagination. 

Touch Yourself 

What’s National Sex Day without a little bit of ‘self-love’? Cancel your plans to go out and stay in, maybe take a nice warm shower and indulge in yourself. Read your favorite spicy book, or watch a spicy movie as you go on to help you get a little nudge. If you want to involve your partner in it, you could indulge in mutual masturbation. 

Educate People Around You 

Of course, this does not mean going up to random people and asking them about their sex lives! But you could always involve your family and friends and teach them about safe sex. For example, if you have pre-teen kids, this might be a good time to have ‘the talk’ with them. Children are naturally inquisitive and are very likely to look up porn online and get the wrong idea about sex. It might be an awkward conversation, but one day, your kids will thank you for teaching them about sex safely and healthily.

Buy a Sex Toy 

There are many different varieties of sex toys out there, and the best part is, you can use these by yourself or with a partner. Why not celebrate this momentous day by getting yourself a new toy, maybe something you have not tried yet? 

Get Nude 

While getting bare in the privacy of the bedroom is something safe and comfortable, doing so in public can certainly be a very daunting, yet exhilarating experience. You could visit a nude beach, spa or resort and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Embracing your nudity is an act of self-love because people have for long looked up to Eurocentric standards as the standard for beauty. Moreover, documenting your thoughts and feelings during the process can be a great way to reflect on yourself. 

Have Sex Outdoors 

Now this is something not a lot of people try, mainly because it is illegal in a lot of places. But then again, the forbidden fruit IS the sweetest. As long as you exercise caution, having sex outdoors can be a very thrilling experience. What better way to celebrate National Sex Day than doing something so daring? 

Explore Polyamory 

This might be a bit of a disputed territory, but hear us out, we know polyamory isn’t for everyone. But how would you know it isn’t for you if you don’t give it a try? Polyamory can be a very rewarding experience since there are more than two people involved. You could attend a sex party near you, and even if you do not want to participate, you could try socializing and trying to explore the limits of your sexuality. 

Try Bondage 

Bondage is usually associated with very rough sex, but it does not necessarily have to be that way. It could be as simple as tying your partner up or getting tied down yourself and engaging in the act. The sensation of touch plays a significant role in our feeling of pleasure during sex, so when you are deprived of that, your other senses can become more active, making you experience a whole different level of pleasure. 

Take this opportunity to explore what you have always wanted to do and test your limits. Make this day all about you and your pleasure. 


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