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Easter Dispatches from the Skinny Dip Mansion

(And by “Mansion” I mean my bedroom/office at my Mom’s house)

Life has been so crazy the past two weeks and I’m still trying to catch my breath!  Even though I’ve been working around the clock on other projects, I haven’t had a chance to work on Skinny Dip. When you haven’t blogged in awhile, sometimes it’s best to jump right in with a really fun post. So, that’s what I’m doing today. Since it’s Easter weekend, I thought it would be the perfect time to write about the latest product EdenFantasys has sent me to review. From sex toys to lingerie, I’ve had some pretty interesting things sent to me because of my blog. This, however, totally takes the cake as far as being both hilarious & sexy. I am now the proud owner of this very Playboy-esque Bunny Costume by Leg Avenue.


I never thought I would want to own anything resembling a Playboy Bunny Costume, but now that I have one it’s like I can’t go back. A quick bedroom dancing session while wearing this costume and I was hooked. However, my very feminist Mom who spent the 60’s and 70’s burning bras and attempting to overthrow the patriarchy, was less than impressed when this little get-up arrived in the mail. I don’t blame her. I have very mixed feelings about Mr. Hefner, the Playboy empire and all that it represents. The original Playboy bunnies were waitresses who served drinks at Playboy clubs. After being carefully selected through a strict audition process, Bunnies were required to remember over 143 different brands of liquor and know how to garnish 20 different cocktail variations, all while keeping a very revealing uniform in place. The thought of a bunch of scantily clad women, being objectified by men as they serve them cocktails and maintain “The Bunny Stance” (legs together, back arched and hips tucked under) obviously doesn’t sit well with my modern feminist sensibilities, which is why I feel a bit guilty by how undeniably sexy this costume makes me feel. So, the way I see it is this: If I want to wear something like this in the privacy of my own bedroom to have fun with my partner, then I’m OK with that. I know it might not make sense to some people, but it is what it is.

Besides, I’m sure many of us have weird sexual fantasies and alter-egos that don’t always make sense or fall in line with our politics. Tons of strong, empowered women love 50 Shades of Grey and have fantasies that involve handcuffs, bondage & submission. One of my fantasies just happens to involve satin, bunny ears, cotton tails and playing a game of “You be Don Draper, and I’ll be your after-work playmate.” Bunny suit first, hand cuffs later. Hey, whatever works for you right?

A bunny costume isn’t much fun if left in it’s package, so I got up super early on Easter morning to snap a few photos for you.

Here are the details about the actual garment:

The Black Bunny Costume by Leg Avenue comes with a black silky, bustier teddy (bodysuit), a set of detachable clear bra straps, a headband with ears and one detachable bunny tail. Although a set of black gloves are featured in the product photo they are not included in the costume. That’s OK, because I’ve never found a set of glamor gloves that actually fit my spaghetti like forearms. The spaghetti arms in all their glory:

I thought I could get away without using the clear straps, but I ended up attaching them in the end. The bodysuit does have some plastic boning in the front and underwire bust support, however the straps just made the whole piece feel more secure.

Although the piece is not expensive, the quality is quite nice. The bodysuit is made of silky soft, spandex-like nylon and has cute lace-up details on the side. The ears and tail are substantial and don’t look cheap. I’ve never bought anything like this online so I was pleasantly surprised with how well it fit, given that bodysuits and one-piece bathing suits can be iffy fit-wise.

It’s really hard to photograph your own tail…

My only concern about this piece is that it does ride up a bit when you move around in it. I have a pretty average length torso, so this wasn’t too much of an issue for me, however I imagine people who are very long or short waisted might have fit issues. If that doesn’t sound like you, this piece will probably fit you just fine like it did for me.

Overall, I give the Black Bunny Costume the thumbs up. If you like the look of the costume, for $29.99 this is a fun piece to add to your lingerie collection & enjoy in the bedroom  – or wherever your bunny suit desires may take you! If you, like me, also have whiskey-soaked, retro-styled fantasies starring hunky 1960’s Mad Men that you’re anxious to act out, this costume will definitely get things started. FYI, If I don’t find a suitable stand in for Don Draper, I’m thinking I’ll add a black tulle skirt to this piece & wear it for Halloween next year.

What do you guys think? 

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This review was brought to you by EdenFantasys. I received the costume/lingerie free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion of the product.


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