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Giveaway | Design Your Own Bracelet with ULINX

2012 will go down as “the year of many bracelets”  (just like 2010 was “the year of statement necklaces”) My bracelet wardrobe used to consist of a carved sterling silver bangle that I would pair with an engraved silver heart charm bracelet.  However, over the past few months I have become completely obsessed with bracelets. Whether I’m searching my local thrift store for quirky vintage charm bracelets or adding to my growing collection of enamel bangles, when it comes to bracelets I can’t get enough and I have the Instagram photos to prove it!

I love it when other people help fuel my latest obsession, so I was really excited when the nice people at ULINX contacted me and asked me if I’d be interested in designing my own bracelet!

ULINX are customizable bracelets made of magnetic links. Yes, magnets. You choose your bracelet design, pick your charms & TADA! You have your very own customized magnetic charm bracelet.

Here is the “Skinny Dip” bracelet I designed. I wear a lot of black and white but love pops of pink. I went with a mix of black and white charms from the mosaic collection with a few hot pink charms from their classic collection and sterling silver beads throughout.

Et Voila! A few weeks later I received my very own personalized charm bracelet in the mail. I’m really happy with the results and have been wearing the bracelet non-stop ever since.

Here’s a few things I really like about my ULINX bracelet:

Quality: The charms and the beads are both made of sterling silver. The charms coated in a shiny, enamel finish.

Sizing: As someone who has really small, bony wrists and often has problems finding watches and bracelets that fit, all I had to do was remove two of the silver beads to make my ULINX bracelet fit perfectly.

Customizable:  In Toronto, luxe charm bracelets have been a popular trend for the past few years. However between all the different brands (Tiffany, Pandora, Links of London etc.) it’s hard to find a piece that hundreds of other girls don’t already own. What’s a bougie girl like me to do?! I like ULINX  because it’s a high quality alternative that’s just a bit different. You can mix the beads however you want and when you get bored, add in new colours.

Here are some more views of the bracelet. I like how it looks alone or layered with one of my favourite bracelets from Metal Pointus.

See, I wasn’t joking about the bony wrists! What you’re probably wondering about is the magnets – i.e. does this bracelet actually stay on? I was skeptical as well, however the magnets are really strong and I didn’t have any problems with it falling off during the day. The only thing you should be aware of is that if you’re doing really vigorous activity (ie. running through a subway station carrying a giant shopping bag that’s rubbing against your wrist) the bracelet won’t fall off but it might get tangled up like this:

I wouldn’t recommend  wearing this bracelet for Mom’s of young children. Toddler wrangling and this bracelet do not mix as the pieces could easily be a choking hazard.

Now here’s the exciting news! ULINX is generously offering one of my readers the opportunity to design their own bracelet from the mosaic collection ($75 value)

Here are the giveaway details:

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