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Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know I’m probably too old to still be writing to you but I noticed some of the other big kids in blog-land have posted letters so I thought I would too (plus its a good excuse to make one of these fun collages!). Between writing exams, Christmas shopping, working like crazy, and dealing with family stuff–everyone is so busy during the holiday season. When I’m stressed and have a to-do list a mile long, I’ll often find myself procrastinating online. You of all people, probably have a lot of crap to deal with this time of year (elf drama, obsessive compulsive list checking, work-shop assembly line malfunctions & those horrible mall visits). I’m sure there are times where you just want to curl up on the couch next to Mrs Claus with your MacBook, say “Fuck it all!” and read Perez Hilton for awhile before you have to go back and deal with the latest Christmas crisis. Don’t worry. I get it.

So, in case you stumble across my blog, here are some Christmas ideas for me. This is totally just for fun. I’m pretty lucky that there aren’t many material things that Iong for/need. There are always crazy things I fantasize about, but in general I am happy with what I have. So, here are a few sensible items that I could actually use.

1. A new bathrobe. You sent me one of these many years ago when I was in university. I loved my white spa-like bathrobe but unfortunately the years and many morning coffee spills were not so kind to it. A few years ago I finally had to send it on to the big old clothing pile in the sky. RIP old bathrobe! We had some good times together: cozy morning coffees, staying up late together talking to boys on msn, comforting me when I was too hungover to get dressed. I miss you and its time for a replacement.

2. Some new leather gloves. These gloves by Philip Lim 3.0 are very cute but I doubt they would stand up to a Canadian winter. Living in the North Pole I’m sure you understand that sometimes you have to adjust your fashion choices to suit the harsh environment (I assume this explains why you’ve adopted the red and white fun fur suit. I bet its warm and the pijama like construction probably prevents chafing during those long nights out on the sleigh. Or maybe you just like it). Anyways, for gloves something simple, black, leather & warm would be great.

3. A nice business card holder. Right now I’m using this card holder/change purse by Coach. Its cute, but it kind of squishes my cards a bit which I don’t like. This guy once tried to pick me up on the subway by handing me his business card and the card was GREASY. (Santa, how does this happen?!! Had he been eating a burger right before he met me?! Obsessed with hand cream?! Do I even want to know?!). I don’t ever want to be that guy. Not that I’d ever have a greasy business card, but wrinkled or slightly dog-eared cards don’t exactly scream professionalism either.

4. An American Apparel Gift Certificate. Santa, I’ve officially slipped over to the dark side and embraced A.A.– American Apparel that is! (although during the height of my messy university partying career, the other one might have been helpful). I resisted the lure of American Apparel for many years, mostly because I was creeped out by the company’s pervy owner who apparently (according to urban legend) likes to encourage his employees to masturbate while they’re at work (whoa, that’s one staff bathroom I’m glad I don’t have to use!). This fall I finally admitted that they actually have a lot of great basic pieces. And for someone like me who once they find something they really like, likes to buy it in as many colours as possible its perfect. (I’m sure you can relate. I bet you buy multiples of those red and white suits. You must. Either that or your dry cleaning bills are astronomical)

5. Anything off of my Aritzia wish list. Because I can always use more clothes to wear to work, and they have what I like. Go see my friend Deb. She’ll hook you up with all the good stuff. Maybe you can even buy a little something for Mrs Claus while you’re at it. I bet she’s been eyeing the Marc Jacobs bags.

6. Some new Naughty but Nice lingerie. Because if all else fails, you know I am a sucker for pretty undies.

7. The new-ish Dave Eggers novel. Because Eggers is awesome and I’ll need something to read while lying around, sipping egg nogg in my scandalous lingerie/bathrobe/saucy American Apparel knee socks/leather gloves combo.

Thanks Santa!

Love, Milk & Cookies,

Skinny Dip

What’s on your wish list?


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