Sex Toy Review | The Lelo Insignia Soraya: Worth the Wait


I think I’ve found the vibrator Holy Grail.

After over a year of lusting after the Lelo Insignia Soraya, it’s finally mine…alllll mine…and I couldn’t be happier.

Once I dated this guy who had a really long and think penis. Every time we had sex, it hit my G-spot every. single. time. Until that point I’d never experienced anything like it. Consequently, all of the multiple orgasms made me go a little crazy. I couldn’t stop thinking about the sex. I yearned for it all the time when he wasn’t around. I even dreamt about it. When we were together, the world could be falling apart outside, but as long as he was in my bed, I didn’t care. I was completely dick whipped.

Unfortunately though, he knew this and used it to his advantage. Often we’d be lying in bed naked, doing everything but actually fucking and right before the actual point of penetration he’d say something like “I’m not going to have sex with you today.” Or, he’d pull out mid-sex and tell me “we’ll finish this later.” It was the biggest tease and it drove me absolutely insane. Who refuses a beautiful naked girl who wants to have sex with you? I’m not used to being told no.

In very uncharacteristic fashion, this guy had me begging for penis. To this day, I honestly think he got pleasure out of denying me that final pleasure that I so desperately wanted. Clearly this guy was into some fucked up mind games. However, because the orgasms had turned me into a total dum-dum, I neglected to see the fact that not only did this guy have a big dick, he was a big dick.

This is all to say that the Lelo Soraya reminds me a bit of that guy, except – as long as I keep it charged properly it never, ever says “No” to me.

The Lelo Insignia Soraya is an excellent high-end, dual function rabbit vibrator that totally lives up to it’s hype. Considered by many as one of the top vibrators out there, this toy is waterproof, rechargeable, Phthalates free, hypoallergenic, multifunction and uniquely ergonomic. The Lelo Insignia Soraya is made of  a combination of silky smooth silicone and lightweight, metallic coloured ABS plastic. It has 8 different, powerful vibration modes that you can turn up or down, depending on the intensity that you’re looking for. You can control  the modes and intensity through an easy to use control pad located at the base of the toy. The Soraya has two motors: one for the insertable portion and one for the clitoral stimulator or “arm.” This is awesome because it means you can use either the G-Spot or clitoral stimulation on their own, or you can use them together (the later is heavenly!)

Why I think the Lelo Insignia Soraya is one of the best vibrators on the market:

The ergonomic design: The loop in the handles makes The Soraya very easy to use. With two fingers through the loop and one behind the clitoral stimulator, you can easily control this toy and adjust it to where it needs to go. The sleek design also means that you’re less likely to get awkward wrist cramps after extended use (and yes, you probably will want to use this toy extensively.)

The only downside to the design is that there is a seam between the pink silicone portion of the toy and the metallic plastic part, which could potentially trap some bacteria. However, I haven’t had any issues with this at all. I clean my toys really thoroughly before and after each use with a toy cleaner like System Jo Anti-bacterial toy cleaner or Pjur Med Clean Spray and suggest you do the same.

Flexible clitoral arm: As I’ve mentioned in some of my other sex toy reviews, one of the most common failures among rabbit vibrators is that the clitoral stimulator is awkward, inflexible or doesn’t line up with your anatomy properly. The Lelo Soraya resolves this issue by providing a clitoral stimulator that is well placed and flexible. If you want to add more pressure, you can easily press down on it with your finger that isn’t looped through the handle for a very pleasurable effect.

Strong vibrations and generous size: Two other issues I often run into when it comes to sex toys a) the vibrations are too weak or b) the toy isn’t long enough to hit my g-spot. The Lelo Soraya’s vibration modes range from pleasant & softly humming to intense, rumbling vibrations that will definitely satisfy advanced toy users who like their vibes to go long & hard. The toy offers approx. 5.5 inches of insertable length and a slightly more bulbous head which is just perfect for me.

Overall pleasure, aka “this toy will give you insane orgasms” Although this is the most expensive sex toy I own, it’s also one of the best vibrators I have ever tried. To put it plainly, it made me come again & again & again (take that Mr. “I have a Magic Penis and like to play mind games”!) The first time I tried it, the orgasms were so intense they actually left me in a bit of daze. Later that day I met up with my Mom. When she saw me she said:

“What are you wearing?”

I was wearing a romper that I threw on after my toy session & shower.

“It’s a romper”

“It looks weird, like you’re wearing it inside out”

I look down and sure enough, I’m wearing my clothes inside out.

So there you have it. The Lelo Soraya: a vibrator that gives orgasms that are so good, they might render you temporarily unable to function.

This post was sponsored by EdenFantasys. I received a gift certificate to fund my on-going addiction to sex-toys and lingerie, in exchange for this post. All opinions, comments and TMI information is my own, because that’s how I roll. 

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 4.19.35 PM

Sex Toy Review | The Ladygasm Vice

Ladygasm is the new sex toy company on the block and I like what they are about. They believe that every woman deserves to feel good and  have access to high quality, body safe, sex toys. Their mission is to design sex toys for real Women: “Women with bank accounts both big and small. Women of all shapes and sizes. Women who believe in the universality of simply feeling great.”  Therefore, Ladygasm have created an exclusive line of rechargeable sex toys at a more affordable price point than many of the luxury brands on the market.

ladygasm viceWhen the nice people over at Ladygasm told me that they were sending me my very own Ladygasm Vice, I was really excited to try the toy because of it’s interesting shape. The Ladygasm Vice is  body safe, waterproof, rechargeable, dual stimulation “rabbit” vibrator made of silky soft medical grade silicone. It has a rounded, flexible clitoral arm and an exotic bulbous shaft designed to hit all the right nerve endings. The toy has two separate motors – one in the clitoral arm and one in the shaft – in order to ensure deep and intense vibrations. The Ladygasm is a gorgeous toy esthetically with one easy to use control button at the base.  The Vice comes in a beautiful black box and includes an elegant mesh carry case.

The biggest drawback of this toy is that the online description is slightly misleading. The toy has been toted as being “virtually silent” – it’s not. The Ladygasm Vice is actually one of the loudest toys I own. When I turned it on for the first time, I actually jumped a bit because it was surprisingly loud. Secondly, the Vice is also described as being of “slightly larger size” and “longer and fuller” of which it is neither. The Ladygasm Vice is actually one of the smallest and most narrow toys I own. It’s approximately  7.5 inches long, with only 4.5 inches of that actually insertable. To give you an idea of the size, I’ve taken this photo so you can see it compared to the Siena Symphony and the Lelo Soraya:

L-R: Siena Symphony, Lelo Soraya, Ladygasm Vice

As you can see, the Vice is just a little guy.

Although, the Vice’s size doesn’t hinder it’s performance, I was expecting a nice thick, long toy like the True Love Honey Bunny or either of the ones featured in the photo. Instead, the toy is much more slender and delicate than what you’d expect. If I had actually purchased this toy I think I would have been disappointed. A more accurate description of the product would definitely help better set customers expectations (especially customers like me, who already own quite a few luxury toys.)

With that said, this toy definitely delivers on it’s promise of intense vibrations. The Vice has a nice rumble that will satisfy people like me who like their toys to go long & hard. I also love that it’s rechargeable because really, who wants to have to buy batteries on a regular basis?!

One of the most interesting things I’ve learned over the year is that it’s almost impossible to make a vibrator that will work for everyone. What fits one person perfectly, might not work for another. Unfortunately, the Vice just wasn’t the perfect match for my body. While using it on my back, it just didn’t hit the right spots at all. However, after a lot of trial, error and some bizarre yoga-like moves, I was eventually able to figure out a position that worked for me…and once I did, I ended up having a pretty insane orgasm (& then a few more after that. When positioned right the Vice does deliver!) I also liked that the toy was soft and flexible which made it really easy to maneuver. Yogi moves aside, I enjoyed my experience with the Vice and think it’s a good toy- it just wasn’t the perfect toy for me. Perhaps the shape of the Ladygasm Cici would work better for me.

Who I think would enjoy this toy:

Couples: Because of it’s neutral look and non-intimating size, I think this would be a great toy for a couple who wants a high quality toy to experiment with vibrator play but doesn’t want something that looks like a giant, purple penis.

Beginners and people who don’t like huge toys: This toy is on the small side but it delivers the goods. This is why I think it would be a great first toy for someone who maybe isn’t sure what size toy they actually enjoy OR for a seasoned toy user who already knows they don’t enjoy really large toys.

If you are interested in trying theLadygasm Vice for yourself,  you can get 20% your purchase when you use the discount code “skinnydip” 

Has anyone else tried this toy or something similar?

*I received the Ladygasm Vice free of charge in exchange for my honest assessment of the product. Thank you Ladygasm! xo

Sexy Fun in the Tub with Bath Kitten by Booty Parlor

One of the downsides of staying with my Mom is that I don’t have as much privacy as I did before. This only ever becomes an issue when nice people like my friend Katrina from Ohhh Canada send me cool stuff like new sex toys to try or books about penises to read. Although I’m open about my sex toy collection with the people I date, I’d be mortified if my Mom ever heard any funny noises coming from my bedroom. So, basically I have to wait until I am alone in the house to try anything. I feel like I’m part of married couple that has to wait to have sex until after the kids go to bed except there are no kids and I’m basically just having sex with myself. Welcome to my life!

A few weeks ago Katrina of sent me the Bath Kitten by Booty Parlor Gift Set.  I’ve been dying to give it a whirl but due to lack of “alone time” it’s been sitting on my desk, taunting me in it’s pretty pink box for a few weeks now. Earlier this week I FINALLY had some time to myself where I could indulge in a nice long bath & take the Bath Kitten set for a spin.

Bath Kitten gift set - Booty Parlor

I’ve been a fan of Booty Parlor’s cheeky and cutely packaged products ever since Katrina introduced me to their Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Plumping Lip gloss (which has since become a favorite of mine) so I was excited to see what their Bath Kitten Gift Set had in store.

This cute little package comes with one “Purring Massage Mitt” and a bottle of “Naughty Bubbles Bath Milk” designed to help you transform your  bath time into a sexy, luxurious spa experience.

The Purring Massage Mitt is made of ultra soft terry cloth that helps slough away dead skin, while the tiny vibrator located inside sends pleasurable vibrations all over. The Naughty Bubbles Bath Milk is a decadent dessert inspired treat that smells like white chocolate & honey (yum!) and contains natural skin conditioning ingredients. Active ingredients in bath milk include kukui nut oil (moisturizer), macadamia nut oil (skin restorative), silk and milk proteins (improves elasticity) and vitamin E (antioxidant).

Soft skin AND a little bath time fun?! I like the sounds of that!

Unlike many things in life, the Massage Mitt comes with batteries! This means you don’t have to make any awkward runs to the convenience store before you partake in some “me time.”

The small vibrator that acts as the “purring” mechanism in the Massage Mitt is fully waterproof. This means you can just sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the experience…..which is exactly what I did!

First of all, I must mention that the Naughty Bubbles smell good enough to eat. As soon as I poured them into the bath the whole room was filled with a subtle vanilla-meets-white -chocolate fragrance. It was quite lovely!

Once my bath water was running, I turned on the little “purring” bullet vibrator and inserted into the side opening of the Massage Mitt. Once inside the Massage Mitt, the vibrations are very subtle. Running the Massage Mitt over your skin definitely feels good but the vibrations probably aren’t strong enough to get you off  – at least they weren’t for me (Yes, I checked.) They feel good in a “wow, this foot bath feels good!” kind of way, NOT in a “This feels so good I’m going to have an explosive orgasm” kind of way. With that said, the subtle vibrations definitely were a relaxing and definitely got me in the mood for something more.

My only complaint about the Massage Mitt is that I found it difficult to turn the vibrations on and off. In theory you’re supposed to be able to do this without removing the vibrator from the mitt however, I found I had to reach in and fully remove the vibe in order to turn it on or off. This is the only detail that makes the Massage Mitt slightly awkward to use.

Being the curious bath kitten that I am, I couldn’t resist removing the bullet vibrator from inside the Massage Mitt and having some post bath time playtime with it. On it’s own, that little vibe is actually quite powerful and perfect for a bath time quickie. The Massage Mitt also works well on it’s own to exfoliate in the shower.

With wedding season upon us, I would definitely think about giving this as a fun bridal shower gift. It’s chic and tastefully sexy. If you’re more conservative you get a cute bath gift set & some relaxing massage action or, if you’re a bit more of a frisky kitten (like me) you also get a mini vibrator to play around in or out of the tub all for the reasonable price of $39.99.

I would recommend this product to:

-Anyone who is looking for a cute gift & loves clever packaging.

-Someone who is curious about vibrators but wants to start by dipping their toes in the shallow end with a product that’s super non-threatening.

My last piece of advice would be this: After you’re finished playing with the Bath Kitten Massage Mitt, REMOVE THE BATTERIES. After using the Bath Kitten Set, I cleaned everything off & put it back in it’s original box, which I then placed on my dresser. A few hours later I walked by my dresser and the whole box started shaking and vibrating. Fearing that it might be possessed, I did what anyone would do, I removed it from it’s box and stuck it deep into the back of my lingerie drawer. Everything was fine until I went in to grab a bra the next day, and heard a loud buzzing sound. I guess we’re to assume that the little vibe is either one very sensitive (& powerful) little piece of machinery or I’m like the Dr. Doolittle of sex toys – they just like to talk to me (and the people around me) whenever they get the chance. Either is a very real possibility.

Blogger. Bath Kitten. Sex Toy Whisperer.

I like the sounds of that.

What are some of your favorite bath products?


The Luna Pleasure Bead System by Lelo.

Don’t get me wrong – I love trying out new sex toys but every so often, I get in the mood to try something “different” other than a vibrator.

I was excited and intrigued to try the Luna Pleasure Bead system by Lelo. I’m sure some of you are looking at the photos below and wondering “What the hell are those?!” Let me explain:

Luna Beads are these neat little contraptions designed to help you with your Kegel exercises. When placed delicately inside you, each bead creates a subtle movement induced vibe that helps strengthen the vaginal wall and PC muscles. If not exercised regularly, these muscles can become weakened over time due to factors such as childbirth, aging & heavy lifting. By exercising and strengthening these muscles you get a variety of general health benefits including a greater sense of control over your own body and my favorite…. stronger and more intense orgasms!

(If you’re already doing all kinds of self-improvement for the New Year anyways, why not exercise this part of your body too?!)

 One of the many reasons I love Lelo’s line of adult toys for women is because their products are beautifully packaged so it feels like you are opening a special gift. The Luna Bead Pleasure System includes four beads of different weights (the pink are lighter and the blue are slightly heavier) with one white silicone “girdle”. The beads come in a black box and include a satin carrying case. The pleasure beads are made of food grade, body safe materials and are hypoallergenic, latex free and phthalates free.

Made of a nonporous plastic, the beads slide into the silicone girdle. Simply insert the girdle inside you once your selected beads are in place. Movement will cause the inner balls to spin, producing a teasing sensation while at the same time helping to the strengthen your PC muscles. The two pink beads each weigh approximately one ounce, the blue beads are one and a third ounces each. Make a combination that is heavier on the top or bottom, use only one bead, or start with two of the lighter and move to the heavier when you are more advanced. It’s really up to you how you want to combine them!

I started off by trying the light weight pink balls and then moved on to the heavier blue balls (ha!). I would suggest using a bit of lube but not too much or you’ll have some very slippery balls on your hands!

My biggest fear was that I’d put these beads in, start moving around and then have to deal with tiny plastic balls literally falling out of my hoo-ha with every step. In preparation for this scenario, I even made sure I wore loose pajama pants so that I could catch the balls quickly before my cat started to chase them. However, I am happy to report that my worrying was all for nothing.

Both sets of balls inserted easily and were super comfortable. To my initial disappointment, the pink balls were so comfortable that I didn’t really feel any kind of sensation once they were inside. The blue balls were still really comfortable but I could definitely feel the inner bead circulating inside. This wasn’t enough of a sensation to bring me to orgasm (this isn’t the intention of the beads) however, it did feel good in a weird way.

I walked around my house, I jumped up and down, I did my pilates and the balls stayed perfectly in place. Of course this could only mean one thing:


Actually, I’m not sure whether this is true. Perhaps if I keep using the Luna Beads on a regular basis I will develop a death grip vagina. Like working out other parts of your body, results aren’t instantaneous. Only time (and the men I date in the future) will tell! Either way, these beads give me something productive to do while I watch back to back episodes of Homeland.

Has anyone else tried a similar product? What are you interested in seeing reviewed on Skinny Dip?

*The Luna Pleasure Bead System by Lelo was provided to me free of charge by Eden Fantasys in exchange for my honest assessment of the product.

My Hoo-Ha Has Bad Taste in Music

I know right? I’m as shocked as you guys are.

Something I rarely talk about on the blog is music – even though it’s a huge part of who I am. I have a love affair with soul, R&B and Hip Hop. As a teenager, I read Vibe magazine religiously, spent hours holed up in my bedroom listening to the hip hop station from Seattle and spent most of my babysitting money on records. I daydreamed about one day moving to New York City to work at Vibe magazine (as their token white girl staffer) where I would spend my days interviewing the likes of LL Cool J & Mary J. Blige (in this fantasy I was also totally ghetto fab, rocked killer door knocker earrings and had a sweet nameplate necklace that said “Monie” in italic writing. A girl can dream right?) I have yet to work as a music journalist however, music is still a huge part of my private life. My heart moves to the sounds of Raphael Saadiq, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, The Roots and Prince (among others). There’s also a whole slew of electronic & indie acts that I adore like Little Dragon, Cut Copy & Passion Pit. I get so excited whenever I discover new music or have the chance to see my favorite artists play live. If I don’t answer when you call my name it’s probably because I’m listening to my iPod.

So, when Katrina at Ohhh Canada asked me if I wanted to try the OhMiBod Naughtibod Music Vibrator – a luxury sex toy that vibrates along with the beat of your iPod (!!!!!), I jumped at the chance. Orgasm to my favorite music? Um, yes please.

The OhMiBod Naughtibod is body-safe, phthalates free and made of ABS plastic with chrome details. It is a smaller sized vibe with a grooved shape and a silky, velvety texture similar to a silicone toy. The toy features a double ended attachment that allows you to plug in your iPod and earphones. When you begin to play music on your iPod, the toy starts to vibrate along to the beat! You can control the intensity of the vibrations by increasing the volume of the music. You can also use the OhMiBod Naughtibod as a regular vibrator without the iPod attachment.

Before trying this toy I asked myself “I wonder what kind of music my vagina will like?” I assumed my hoo-ha would love the same kinds of soulful sounds that I like. I imagined orgasms to the sounds of Sade or Raphael Saadiq’s Skyy Can you Feel Me (which, is one of my favorite songs) or at the very least some Billie Holiday or Prince. My hoo-ha seems like the classy kind of broad that would be into this stuff, right? WRONG.

As it turns out my vagina has the musical taste of a gumsmacking teenager, permenantly tuned in to the HITZ 92.9 FM TOP 40 HOUR. My vagina likes Pitbull. And Lady Gaga. And bad dance music from the 90’s. Actually, when it came to using this vibrator, I discovered that the stronger the beat & the more obnoxious the lyrics, the better.

Songs my Hoo-Ha likes:

1. Pitbull “Give me Everything” (This was a good song to start with. Strong beat & a good build up)

2. Lady Gaga “Monster” (HE ATE MY HEART HE AYYY AYYY ATE MY HEART are weird lyrics to get off to but my hoo-ha really, really liked this one. MA MA MA MONSTER!)

3. Lady Gaga “Alejandro” (YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU BOY. HOT LIKE MEXICO. ALLE ALLE HANDROOOOO. This is a good build up song for round #2)

4. Pitbull “Pause” ( Onbnoxious beat plus these lyrics: MAMI YOU LOOK SO RIGHT. NOW GOOOOOO. STOP. DROP. PAUSE. NOW LOOK AT THE GIRL SHE’S LIKE OHHH. NOW LOOK AT THAT GIRL SHE’S LIKE AHHH – I think this one is self-explanatory)

5. Venga Boys “Boom Boom Boom” (This embarassing… but what can I say? It works! BOOM BOOM BOOM I WANT YOU IN MY ROOM!)

(*Disclaimer: I’m not saying that liking Pitbull or Lady Gaga means you have bad taste in music. I obviously like them enough to own all of their albums. It’s just that neither would be my logical go-to choice for “sexy time music”. However, if you do like get down to some Gaga & Pit, I’m not judging. However, if you’re getting down on the regular to the Venga Boys, first of all – congrats on making that work – but seriously, let me make you a mix tape.)

The only thing you should be aware of with the OhMiBod Naughtibod is that I found the vibrations were more on the “moderate” to “gentle” side. In order to get the vibrations to the highest level, I really had to crank the music to the max which meant I was literally getting ear blasted by Pit and Gaga while I was getting my rocks off. I was using my iPhone so, it might be slightly different with a different device. The upside to the vibrations not being super intense is that I got to lie back, listen to the song & enjoy the build up to some nice orgasms.

Who I would recommend this to:

The sheer novelty factor of this toy is a lot of fun & I think it would make the perfect sassy stocking stuffer for someone looking to buy their first vibrator, the tech junkie who already has everything or couples looking to have a bit of fun while listening to their favorite tunes (because the vibrations are gentle, this would make a fun teasing toy during foreplay!)

Has anyone else tried this? What are you interested in seeing reviewed on Skinny Dip?

*The OhMiBod Naughtibod was provided to me free of charge by Ohhh Canada in exchange for my honest assessment of the product.


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