And Now, For the Money Shot….

Welcome back to another in the series of posts I have planned for National Masturbation Month. If you’re just tuning in, for the remainder of the month of May, I’ve challenged myself to review as many sex toys as possible. So far I’ve reviewed a sex toy for dudes, a vibrator with lasers inside it, an erotic massager that reminds me of an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and a chic sex toy storage bag. It’s been a busy month. Once I’ve wrapped up these reviews at the end of the week, it will be back to our regular scheduled programming on Skinny Dip (and most likely some R & R for my lady parts.)

Today I have another interesting find for you guys: a vibrator that lubes itself. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you! Cascade by Love Life Products is the first collection of self-lubricating vibrators on the market. In short, you turn it on, it vibrates and when you press a button, lube squirts out the top…very much like…well, you get the point.

When I explained to my friend that the nice people at Cascade were sending me my very own self-lubricating vibrator to try, their response was what I expected.

“So, basically it’s a vibrator that jizzes itself?”

“Pretty much.”

“That’s both disturbing and awesome all at the same time.”

Yes, yes it is. 

For the purposes of this review, I was sent the Cascade Ripple (as seen below). The Ripple is part of the Cascade collection which also includes the Flow and the Wave vibrators.

61UBGQQdaHL._SL1500_The Ripple features a body safe silicone shaft with a slightly curved, textured tip designed specifically for g-spot stimulation. It includes 9 different vibration settings, as well as the super exciting LubePlay™ self-lubricating technology. It’s fully rechargeable by USB cord which means no batteries (yay!)

This is not a small toy by any means. The Cascade Ripple is approximately 5″ in insertable length and 5″ in girth  (a substantial size without being overwhelming).

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Sexy Storage Solutions: Say Hello To The Pleasure Purse

The topic of “sex toy storage” is one that comes up in conversation often in my life. Anyone who reads this blog, has probably clued in that I own quite a few toys, lingerie and other sexy time products. People will often ask me, “Where do you keep it all? Also, don’t you currently live with your family?!” When my collection was still on the small side I used to just store my goodies in my bedside drawer. As my sex toy collection grew, I started storing everything in cloth lined boxes under my bed. Now I store everything in a cabinet that looks like a smaller version of this, which I’ve lovingly nicknamed “the tower of power” (because it’s not like you can leave lying around anything that arrived from a website called Top Blow Job Machines.) I love the Tower of Power because it keeps everything organized and out of sight but still easily accessible. However, for my friends who have children, their sexy-time products need to be stored more discretely so that they can’t be accessed by tiny humans, with quizzical minds. Enter the Pleasure Purse – gorgeous leather handbag designed to securely house all of your sexy goodies.

slideshow_1Although I’m pretty content with my current storage situation, I think the Pleasure Purse is a great idea – especially for my friends who are parents (the purse can be secured with lock & key!) Designed by a Canadian couple in Calgary, the Pleasure Purse is perfect for taking on a romantic weekend with someone special or storing your sex toys away from prying hands. When the lovely people at Pleasure Purse offered to send me my very own handbag to try out, I was super excited to feature it on the blog.

One of the things that really impressed me about the Pleasure Purse is how stylish it is in person. The purse is made from real leather and is nicely detailed with silver hardware. It features a double “P” monogram on both the front and the back.

photo-38Secondly, the Pleasure Purse is super roomy. It’s about the size of your average gym bag and fits a lot of stuff (and trust me, I loaded this baby up and it wasn’t even close to maximum capacity!)

photo-40 I love that it has two zipper pouches plus pockets that you can use to hold lube, condoms, massage oil or smaller toys. There’s also plenty of room to fill it with larger toys, lingerie or whatever your sexy little heart desires. You could even fit in a cosmetic bag and a change of clothes if necessary. I also love that it has leopard print lining.
But wait, there’s more!

The Body Sonic: a Sex Toy That Reminds Me of Larry David’s Car

Did you know that we’re in the midst of National Masturbation Month? I was not aware of this, however leave it to me to discover this half-way through the month. Luckily, this ahem, “holiday,” falls at a time when I am super behind on my product reviews. So, to try something new, get caught up and finish May off with a bang (both figuratively and literally), I thought I’d challenge myself to review as many toys as possible over the next 14 days or so. Coincidentally, I also just happen to have a bunch of really cool and innovative sex toys to share with you.


In case you missed it, earlier in the month I wrote about the Apollo Power Stroker (the first sex toy for men I have reviewed on the blog) and The Afterglow (the world’s first laser vibrator. Oh my!) Today I’d like to introduce the Revel Body Sonic – another unique and technologically innovative sex toy. Ever since I visited the Revel Body booth when I was at the AVN show in January, I’ve been completely obsessed with trying this toy. When the lovely people at Diddleworks offered to send me my very own to review, I leaped at the opportunity. By the way, if you’ve never visited the Diddleworks website, make sure to check it out. They have an amazing selection of body safe toys & products, all laid out in a gorgeous, minimalist shopping experience.

The Revel Body Sonic is a small, spherical clitoral vibrator designed for external stimulation. It’s made of body safe silicone and is free of phthalates, nickle-plated parts and any harmful chemicals. It’s fully rechargeable via USB cord and is 100% waterproof. What makes the Revel Body Sonic different than any other vibrator on the market is that it features True Sonic technology.

Years ago, I remember an acquaintance telling me how the all-girls boarding school she attended had to ban electric toothbrushes because they were being used for rampant masturbation. I mean, it makes sense – electric toothbrushes definitely vibrate quite intensely, however until I heard that story I had never even considered using mine for anything other than cleaning my teeth. Although, I love my Sonicare toothbrush to death, the idea of putting it between my legs doesn’t really sound like it would be a very sexy experience. Luckily, thanks to the Revel Body Sonic, I’ll never have to find out!

The smarty pants behind the Revel Body Sonic have used True Sonic technology (from what what I learned at AVN, some of the creators used to work for Phillips Sonicare!) to create a vibrator that claims to be one of the most powerful in the industry.

Powered by a True Sonic motor, the bright pink nodule at the centre of the toy to acts like a piston that moves up and down while vibrating. So, instead of just vibrations, you get an up & down motion that feels kind of like someone is tapping on your clit (in the best way possible.

To get an idea of what the Revel Body Sonic looks like in action, you should probably watch this video. As you can see, when you turn on the toy, the pink nodule bounces up and down. Fun right?

Revel Body compared to standard battery-powered vibrators. from Revel Body on Vimeo.

The Revel Body Sonic offers ten different vibration modes/speeds. The sensations range from super rumbly on the lowest speeds to very high-pitched and buzzy on the highest settings. I’m a sucker for power, so when I got this toy I immediately turned it up to the highest speed. However, what I discovered is that the highest settings did almost nothing for me. What really rocked my world was the lower speeds where it’s rumbly & shaky & you can really see and feel the piston moving up and down. The feeling is well, simply divine. When asked to describe the sensation to a friend, I explained, “It’s like you’re sitting on top of a washing machine that’s gone out of control on the spin cycle, or experiencing the world’s rumbliest car ride.” As soon as the words slipped from my mouth, I immediately thought of the episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry discovers he has an “orgasmic car seat.”

Yes, the lower settings on the Revel Body are exactly like that.

But wait, there’s more!

Introducing the Afterglow – The World’s First Laser Vibrator

One of the super awesome perks of being a sex and relationship blogger is that I get to try things that I never would have had a chance to otherwise. On this list is The Afterglow – the world’s very first laser vibrator. Yes, you read that right.


The Afterglow is the world’s first sex toy with light technology a.k.a pulsed infrared rays.  The toy was developed by Dr. Ralph Zipper – a urologist based in Florida. Zipper has been using the same light technology as a therapeutic way to treat women with pelvic pain and overactive bladder disease. However, during the clinical trials an interesting side effect occurred: subjects saw improvements in their sexual responses. Women reported everything from sensations of arousal, to improved orgasms to having orgasms for the first time. 

It makes sense – the low level laser targets blood flow to the genitals, which in turn boosts arousal and leads to mind-blowing orgasms. If you’re interested in reading more about the science behind the Afterglow you can here.

Armed with this knowledge and 30,000 worth of technology, Dr. Ralph Zipper got to work. Three years later, the Afterglow was born.

homeafterglowThe concept of the Afterglow vibrator is actually kind of similar to what Viagra does for men — but with a sexy twist. Our bodies produce a chemical called cyclic guanosine monophosphate, or cGMP, which causes muscles around the blood vessels to relax. When this occurs, more blood flows into our genitals, and we feel more aroused. Viagra works by preventing the breakdown of cGMP – think of it like a bath tub plug that blocks the water from seeping out . However, the pulsed, infrared light used in the Afterglow actually increases the production of cGMP – a process that is similar to turning a tap on full throttle (yippee!)

Light therapy is also known to restore tissue, decrease inflammation, and ward off bacterial infections — in other words it’s kind of like giving your vagina a spa weekend at Canyon Ranch. Add to that the fact that the Afterglow promises killer orgasms and I couldn’t wait to try it.

Afterglow 3

The Afterglow is a rabbit style vibrator designed for both external and internal stimulation. It’s made of silky soft, medical grade silicone. It’s about 9 inches in length total, however only about 4 inches of that is insertable. As you can tell from the photo below with Joe the Intern, the Afterglow is similar to my beloved Lelo Ina 1.0 in shape, but with slightly different proportions. The Afterglow is fully rechargeable through USB cord, however it is not waterproof.

Afterglow 1

Along with a charger, dust-bag and instruction manual, it comes encased in a gorgeous white leatherette box that’s lined with velvet and can be locked with a key. It’s perfect for someone who maybe has kids and wants to keep their toy on lock-down. However, for someone like me who has a bunch of toys the padlocked box seems a bit excessive. It’s beautiful but it’s also quite large and bulky – not ideal for someone like me who stores all of their toys discretely in a cabinet.

(FYI, my Mom accidentally mistook the packaging as a “new jewellery box,” only to open it and burst out screaming. True story.)

But wait, there’s more!

Because Toys For Men Deserve Some Love Too

When it comes to reviewing sex toys for the awesome companies that I work with, they’ll often ask me for suggestions on what I’m interested in reviewing. Often this happens weeks or months in advance, before the actual toy arrives. For a long time I’ve been interested in reviewing (or I should say, having someone else review) some male sex toys on Skinny Dip. Male sex toys like The Fleshlight have always intrigued me (How do they work? What do they feel like? What’s it like having sex with a robot-vagina? Which ones are the best?) however being that I have a vagina, it’s impossible for me to try them out. What’s a cis lady on the search for the best fake pussy to do? To make a long story short – not so long ago, California Exotics sent me the Apollo Power Stroker to review on the blog.

0849-10-3nThe Apollo Power Stroker is a vibrating male masturbator lined with stimulating waves and nodules for what is designed to be orgasmic bliss. The toy allows you to caress the head and shaft  of the penis with your choice of 30 vibrating speeds and patterns and enjoy hands-fee fun thanks to its suction cup feature. Measuring approximately 8.5 inches total length with 3.5 inches in internal length, the Apollo Power Stroker is made of skin safe rubber and is phthalate free.

When I originally suggested the toy I was dating someone who would have been able to test the toy for me, but alas my relationship status changed, leaving me with one Apollo Power Stroker and no testing penis in sight. File this under #SexBloggerProblems. Luckily though, when I shared my sex blogging woes with one of my good friends, she volunteered her boyfriend as my “stunt penis.”

I passed the toy onto them to enjoy and sent over a series of questions about the Apollo Power Stroker experience. You can read her boyfriend’s feedback below –

How to you use this product? (Does it vibrate? Does it pulsate? How does it work? Walk me through it!

“This thing is battery operated and vibrates with 30 settings. you have to put some lube on your penis and then stick the power stroker on the end. it only goes a few inches deep. turn it on and move it up and down slightly. the lube creates a sucking effect and vibrations add a little extra sensation. It also comes with an suction cup attachment so that you could use it hands free against a wall or whatever.”

What does it feel like? (Good? Bad? Weird? Somewhere in between?)

“At first it didn’t seem to do too much for me with just the vibrations. the sucking effect is what actually makes this thing work. it feels good, but you’d have to already be aroused for it to do any good. Works best with porn.”

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