Show & Tell | Lingerie Essentials: The Basic Black Bustier

If I think back, I’m pretty sure my love for lingerie started in my early teens, around the same time that I became completely obsessed with Madonna. I loved her music, but I also loved her sexy, powerful image. The lingerie she wore (which was usually heavy on black & lace) definitely influenced the kind of pieces I’m attracted to as an adult (like this Yes Master bra & panty set.)

When I was thirteen, an older friend gave me a black bustier top that she no longer wore. When I put it on, I felt like I could take over the world. Eventually I grew out of that bustier and my Madonna fandom; however I have been searching for a replacement bustier ever since.

A few months ago, I was browsing through Ohhh Canada‘s website and stumbled across the Veronica Black Mesh bustier by Seven Til Midnight. I knew I’d met my match.


When it comes to sexy lingerie, I’ve always thought that a good black bustier is a great staple. It’s simple, it’s classic and it’s sexy. So, I was really excited when the lovely people at Ohhh Canada offered to send me my very own Veronica Bustier to try (wahoo!)


As I patiently waited for my bustier to arrive (I didn’t have to wait long – Ohhh’s shipping is fast!) I had visions of myself wearing it under a raincoat to surprise The Secret Agent and/or slipping it on for impromptu bedroom dancing sessions set to the soundtrack of The Immaculate Collection.

Let’s just say – Veronica did not disappoint. This is a really beautiful, sexy garment – especially given it’s very reasonable price point ($45.99) And yes, I may have listened to Lucky Star a few times while trying it on.

IMG_0301The Veronica Bustier is made of ultra soft stretch lace and mesh. One of the things I always worry about when I buy lingerie online is that it will be scratchy. Veronica is soft, soft, soft. The bustier features lightly padded underwire cups, adjustable straps and removable garters. The piece has flexible plastic boning on both sides and a hook & eye closure on the back. It also comes with a matching black mesh thong, which I am happy to report is really comfortable.

Et voila! 

lingerie 1I’m usually a size 4-6 in clothing and a 32DD in bras. I ordered a medium and am really happy with the fit. The cups were still a tiny bit on the small side, but there was no pulling, tugging or awkward bulging. Hooray! Overall, this piece is super comfortable and (I think) quite flattering.

Here’s a view of the back. You can’t really see the hooks and eyes in the photo, but similar to this red bustier I reviewed by the same brand, there are many. You will probably need some help doing up this garment. I did.


IMG_0279Wear it alone or attach your favourite pair of stockings to the garters.

Just a note: although this set is really comfortable and the boning is flexible, it does restrict your movement a bit. In other words, it’s great for surprising your lover but you’ll probably want to take it off before you have sex.

IMG_0287I’m not sure what else to say except that I really love this piece. It’s classic and sexy yet, understated. Although I have lots of fun, brightly coloured lingerie (green! hot pink! floral! leopard!) I know that this is a piece that I’ll keep coming back to again and again.


Thanks so much to Ohhh Canada for the very generous gift! I received this piece free of charge in exchange for my honest assessment of the product. All views are my own because that’s how I roll. 

Review | Haute Hips Panty Subscription

haute hipsI‘ve always been under the impression that subscription boxes just aren’t my thing. My beauty routine is pretty minimalist, so the thought of getting a bunch of new products every month actually makes me feel overwhelmed, not excited. I’d rather just pick up what I need, when I need it. Even though there are some really awesome ones, this is how I feel about most subscription services. However, a lingerie subscription? Now that’s something I can get excited about! Despite having a lingerie drawer that’s bursting at the seams, I can never have enough pretty underthings.

Enter Haute Hips, a panty subscription service that provides you with two pairs of pretty, comfortable, chic panties for an affordable monthly fee. When Haute Hips asked me if I’d be interested in reviewing their service, I couldn’t resist.


I should start off by mentioning how adorable the Haute Hips website is. I’ve looked at several lingerie subscription services and theirs is by far one of the most fun and approachable sites I’ve come across. I love the photography (um, lounging in bed with glasses on = love), the graphics & their adorably titled blog, The Panty Line.

Here’s how the service works: Choose a membership option (monthly, 6 months or 12 months) and Haute Hips will personally select two pairs of gorgeous, luxurious, comfy panties to be sent directly to your mailbox. One month + 6 month memberships cost $12 + $2 shipping and handling. A year long membership works out to be about $11 a month + shipping and handling. Considering other panty subscription services charge $20/month for just one pair of panties, Haute Hips is very affordable.


Haute Hips also offers “Panty Perks.” Love your Haute Hips panties so much you want more? Each month there’s a new featured panty that you can add to your order for $6. See those gorgeous black and white panties below? They were May’s featured panty. Yep, I am smitten!

What to expect in your monthly order: cute, luxurious, pretty panties that are also comfortable. You won’t find any crazy contraptions like these crazy panties, however you will find lots of chic styles like the ones below.



11164834_682405568549228_57195982760314277_nWhen you subscribe to Haute Hips you’ll also help give back. Haute Hips donates a portion of every sale to local women’s shelters in the US; providing intimates so all women can feel their very best. This summer they will be supporting Dignity U Wear, an organization that provides children and their families with brand new clothing (I just read through their website and they do some really great work; like providing clothing to underprivileged children, veterans and women in crisis.)


Curious to see what goodies I received from Haute Hips? It’s time for the big reveal!

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Two New Lingerie Looks for 2015

Sexy Lingerie 2015Over the past year, I’ve found that is a great place to find everything from chic accessories to items for the home. I’m still swooning over the black and white chevron pillows I picked up from them for my bedroom revamp. However, it wasn’t until super recently that I discovered they actually have a decent selection of lingerie. Who knew, right?

To give you an idea of what they have to offer, offered to send me a couple of different lingerie looks to share with you: the Prestige Biatta Women’s Microfibre with Printed Mesh & Lace Babydoll and G-String Set ($35.19) and the Marilyn Monroe Envy Black Lace Balconette Chemise ($49.27)

First up is the Prestige Biatta Chemise. I was initially drawn to this chemise because it involves a bunch of my favourite things: black and white polka dots! Florals! Animal print! However, I was also worried that because of this, the piece may come off as a bit busy in person. You may disagree, but I actually like this set even more in person. I think it’s actually really cute and has a fun Betsey Johnson-ish of vibe.

The Prestige Biatta Babydoll is made of soft mesh fabric with lace trim. It features slightly padded bra cups, adjustable straps and is long enough to fully cover your butt (like in the product photo above.) It also comes with a matching black and white polka dot mesh g-string that’s surprisingly comfortable.


I was really impressed with the overall quality of this set. It can be difficult to know what you’re really getting when you order lingerie online, however the Prestige Biatta Chemise  is really well constructed and finished gorgeously. It fits great and is comfortable to boot. The Prestige Biatta Chemise comes in a variety of different cup sizes. I ordered a 34C. Although that isn’t my exact bra size, the cups fit well enough to be flattering and comfortable. Because of this, the Prestige Biatta Chemise gets two enthusiastic thumbs up. I feel confident and sexy in this set and can easily envision myself wearing it in the bedroom & beyond!


Next up is the Marilyn Monroe Black Lace Balconette Chemise. When I first saw this chemise on O.o, it was love at first sight. As you know, I love retro inspired lingerie. I’m also a huge fan of blush and black lace as a colour combo. This chemise has both! Oh & it’s from the Marilyn Monroe line of intimates which obviously appeals to my penchant for all things Old Hollywood. (If you go to their main site you can see the complete line. It’s gorgeous.)

I’m happy to report that the Marilyn Monroe Black Lace Balconette Chemise is just as gorgeous in person. I actually had a really hard time photographing it so I’m not sure if the photos really do it justice. It’s a stunner and definitely one of the prettiest pieces of lingerie to come across my desk.

The Marilyn Monroe Black Lace Balconette Chemise is made of soft black mesh and lace, with a contrasting blush hued waistband, garter ribbons and retro styled adjustable straps.


Everything about the Marilyn Monroe Black Lace Balconette Chemise is impeccably styled and executed. The quality is awesome and this is definitely something I would have purchased for myself (I kind of want all of the pieces from the line. has a few of them on sale! Sigh.)

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Gift Guide for Men: How to Buy Sexy Lingerie

How to Buy Lingerie

I’ve had quite a few male readers email me for tips on how to buy their wife, girlfriend or lover, sexy lingerie. Lingerie is a great way to reinvigorate your relationship, however if you’ve never shopped for it before – or perhaps, don’t even know how to describe the items you’re shopping for – it can be a confusing, overwhelming experience. Years ago, I remember my ex telling me, “Every time I go in Victoria’s Secret, I get completely overwhelmed by all the pretty things and the pink walls. It feels like I’m a giant, perfume infused vagina. It’s so comforting that I get lulled into this weird state of peaceful bliss that I forget what I came in there for in the first place.” Lingerie store = giant vagina. Ok, I totally get why that would be distracting. For all the guys out there who have found themselves in a similar state of stunned confusion, this post is for you.

However, while doing my research for this post I stumbled across this excellent guide for men on how to buy sexy lingerie written by my friends at Lovehoney. They’ve done such a good job of covering the ins and outs of lingerie shopping, that I thought I would re-post some of their tips. You can read the full post here, however here are the basics. (Follow the links within the post for more info.)

Here’s a step by step guide on how to buy lingerie- 

1.Find out her size and what she likes – This will require a bit of detective work. Lovehoney suggests gathering clues from her closet and lingerie drawer using this handy checklist. Hint: check to see what size she already wears and what kinds of styles she enjoys.

2. Choose the right size – When it comes to lingerie, finding the right size can be tricky even for the most seasoned shopper. Sizes tend to vary from brand to brand. Start by checking the labels of her favourite clothes. These are the pieces of clothing that she feels most confident and sexy in – which is exactly how you want her to feel in her lingerie! If you notice that the majority of her garments are in a particular size, most likely this is the winner. You can then use size charts to determine her corresponding lingerie size. For more info on sizing go here.

3. Pick the perfect lingerie set – Now we get to the fun part: choosing the lingerie! Not sure what exactly you’re looking for? Lovehoney gives a bunch of great tips on how to choose the perfect lingerie set. The most important thing to remember here is that when it comes to choosing lingerie that your partner will love, it’s not about what you want or what you’d prefer to see her wearing. If you want to totally rock at this lingerie shopping thing, you need to choose something that she’ll love and feel good in. I speak from experience when I say that there’s nothing worse than having your partner impose his or her tastes on you, without taking into account your own style, taste or personality.

Lingerie is super personal. For example, I love lingerie that’s classic, sexy and vintage inspired with just a bit of edge. I’d be thrilled if someone picked out this, this, this or this for me, however if  I found this, this or this under the tree I’d likely wonder if my partner knew me at all.

That isn’t to say I’m not open to experimenting with new looks. I’m always up for trying new things (and maybe your partner is too!) however, it requires a conversation – for example, “What do you think of this look? I’d think you’d look really sexy in it” vs. “Here. Wear this.” Not sure what kinds of lingerie your partner likes? Ask them. It’s as simple as that. 

The second question I often get from guys goes something like this: “I know what kind of lingerie I like when I see it, but I don’t know the proper names for stuff or how to describe to a salesperson what I’m looking for.” Sound familiar? Luckily, Lovehoney also has a super handy guide to lingerie styles. You can read the full guide here. Below you’ll find a few of the popular lingerie styles I’ve featured on the blog with links to the original reviews where applicable. I hope you find this helpful!


Lingerie Guide 1

Lingerie Guide 6

Examples: Oh La La Cheri Suspender Basque and G-string Set, Seven Til Midnight Veronica Dotted Mesh Bustier (love this!), Classic Satin Half Bust Steel Boned Corset.

Lingerie guide 2Lingerie guide altExamples: Fantasy Curve Pushup Sheer Babydoll, Bluebella Anais Cami and Shorts Set (original review), Oh La La Cheri Lace Chemise and G-String (original review).

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for The Sexually Adventurous

stocking stuffers

One of the best parts of writing this blog is that I get to try a lot of products that I wouldn’t normally have access to. I also get to recommend cool things to my friends. That’s why I was super excited when Lovehoney decided to send me the following two products just in time for the holidays. Both of these items are a bit out of the ordinary and would make awesome, affordable stocking stuffers.

1. Lovehoney Curved Realistic Sensual Glass Dildo ($29.99) – If you’re looking for something totally different for you or your meaningful other(s), why not try a glass dildo like this one?!

It’s been a really long time since I reviewed a glass toy, so I thought it would be fun to feature one again. The Lovehoney Curved Realistic Sensual Glass Dildo is a gorgeous piece of erotic architecture made of silky, smooth reinforced glass. One of the nice things about glass toys is that you can heat them or cool them for temperature play. Simply submerge the toy in warm water, or cool it in the fridge for 10 minutes before use. Be sure to test the temperature on your arm, before directing it towards more intimate areas. Because it’s made of nonporous glass, it’s also 100% body-safe and compatible with any lube you choose.

The Lovehoney Curved Realistic Sensual Glass Dildo is 8.75 inches long, with 8.56 inches of insertable length. So, this is not a small toy. It’s pleasantly large. It has a slightly curved shaft and bulbous head for g-spot or p-spot stimulation. Because it has a flared base, you can also use it anally. However, because of the length I wouldn’t recommend this for beginner’s anal play.

Overall, I was really impressed with the quality of this toy, especially given the reasonable price point. The glass is super sturdy and soft to the touch. The toy even comes with a soft, velvet carrying case that’s trimmed in a hot pink ribbon tie.


If you’ve never used a glass toy before my advice would be this: a) do it! The sensation feels really different than most other toys and b) use lots and lots of lube. Need some lube suggestions? Any of the ones in my condom and lube sampler pack rock. I’m also a huge fan of Hathor Aphrodisia.

Personally, I really enjoy it when other people use glass toys on me, so the last time I saw the European before he moved away, we experimented with the Lovehoney Curved Realistic Sensual Glass Dildo or as I like to call it “the big icicle penis” with very positive results. The bulbous head feels great against the g-spot, especially when you move it in and out using a circular motion.

Overall, the  Lovehoney Curved Realistic Sensual Glass Dildo makes a sexy and unexpected gift for couples or individuals who are looking to try something new or have always fantasized about giant icicle penises (hey, I can’t be the only one.)

In fact, this is such a gorgeous toy that I kind of want to just leave it out on my desk so I can look at it while I work (yes, it stands up on it’s own!) It’s icicle like appearance also makes it perfect for creating sex positive holiday scenes that are sure to alienate your friends and family for years to come. Nope, nothing weird about this. Nothing at all…

FullSizeRender-4 copy
2. Lovehoney Open Back Sheer Lace Panties with Straps – Exciting news! Lovehoney, the people who made two of my favourite vibrators  have launched their own line of sexy lingerie. They sent me this pair of these open back underwear from their “Love Me” line to share with you guys. Let me just put this out there: I totally get that these underwear are not for everyone. However, I’d never seen anything like them before, so I knew I had to try them.

I know what you’re probably thinking: “What the heck are those?!”

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