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Some of my favorite reads:

  • Akirah Robinson “Believing in women and our brave hearts”
  • Apocalypstick “No Matter how relaxed I am, I still feel awkward”
  • Bacon is Magic “Living life with a different set of rules”
  • Cat’s City Life “A 20 something New Yorker trying to make her dreams come true”
  • Chelsea Talks Smack “You haven’t even seen me in 3D. You might not be interested. I’m crazy.”
  • City Girl Blogs “Educate. Advocate. Titillate. – Attorney by trade, Relationship and Sex Blogger by passion”
  • Essentially Angela “Guilty Pleasure. Instigator. Twisted, indeed”
  • F*cking in Brooklyn “Love as a life or death experience”
  • Gala Darling “The Radical Self Love Project”
  • Hilarity in Shoes “Mating, Dating, Relating, Medicating”
  • Hipstercrite “I have a NY driver’s license, a LA mailing address, and an Austin physical address. I have no idea what the hell I’m doing.”
  • Her Lil’ Black Book: “Living and living it up in Toronto, HLBB is a secret social anthropologist. When she’s not observing male/female interactions out “in the wild”, she’s working in media/public relations and looking for love in all the fun places.”
  • Hope Dies Last “On Self-Discovery, On Happiness, On Relationships, On Love & Romance, On Everything Else”
  • Insert Clever Title Here “Incoherent ramblings + misguided narcissism + gratuitous profanity”
  • Just me with… “Picture Claire Huxtable…Except Cliff has walked out”
  • Makeunder My Life “Design a Life with Intention”
  • Marvelous Darling “Marvelous Darling contains snippets of my everyday life plus a lot of sex talk. If other lifestyle bloggers won’t talk about it, I will.”
  • Met Another Frog “A funny, intelligent, positive, informative, non-judgmental and boundary-pushing online magazine that offers both female and male perspectives on any and everything related to dating and mating.”
  • Modish Mama: Just a girl in the world… well with 3 kids and a husband maybe that makes me a woman in the world?”
  • Nicole is Better: “A life less Bullshit”
  • Not Your Mother’s Playground: “Non-Monogamy + Love + Sex + Whatever”
  • Pink Crush “Being unusual is the new black… which goes perfect with my sparkly* soul.”
  • Ramblings of a Fab Brunette “A fabulous brunette mom who loves to bake in heels, travel, and write about it!”
  • Rocket Shoes “I have a black belt in feelings”
  • Single Girl Blogging “I’m a single girl dating in Los Angeles. Sometimes. It’s interesting”
  • Shoe Tease “Until Shoes Grow on Trees”
  • Stratejoy “This is life. Are you living yours?”
  • Suburban Sweetheart “Capitol smarts, Midwestern heart, New England start: a Buckeye State blogger acclimating to life on the seacoast, with an extra dose of sass”
  • Sunshine and Potatoes “A Mexican American California girl who loves potatoes and sunshine.”
  • Teacher Girl Blogs “Teaching. Love. Life”
  • The Jungle Princess: “If you want to change your life…you must actually…change…your…life”
  • This Beautiful Day: “A lifestyle blog for smart women”
  • Toy with Me “Nothing Risque. Nothing Gained”
  • Vibrations of a Vixen “Maybe everyone is a little crazy at heart. Maybe everyone is curious about what happens when you get naked and close your eyes. And maybe the reason crazy things happen to me is because I let them”
  • The Sentimental Suitcase “filled to the brim with ideas for your being, tasting, wearing and adventuring needs”
  • The Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide: “a lifestyle website dedicated to urban eats, cool getaways, life advice and exclusive events for the busy city girl.”
  • I’m Charming You: “For Social Media Lovers, Culture Fanatics, And Information On The Best People, Places And Events In Toronto”
  • She works alone: “A blog with no destination”


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