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“Bliss” is Not the Right Word

If you’ve read some of my reviews of sex toys and lingerie, you’ve probably noticed that the majority of them are overwhelmingly positive. This is no coincidence. Although I’m always honest with my reviews, I try to only review products that I know I’ll enjoy or that will be value to you guys. This year I’ve reviewed  lots of toys that I have really enjoyed like the Lovehoney Happy Rabbit and the Nick Hawk Gigolo Dildo. I’ve also reviewed some that I’ve absolutely fallen in LOVE with – like the Body & Soul Lover and the Crave Duet. Although I enjoy most of the products I get to review, occasionally I’ll come across a toy that just doesn’t work for me. The Body and Soul Bliss vibrator by California Exotics is one of those toys.

The Body & Soul Bliss is a sleek dual stimulation “rabbit” style vibrator designed to stimulate both your clitoris and g-spot at the same time. The toy features two independent motors and 10 different vibration modes both in the shaft & the clitoral stimulator. For a rabbit vibrator, this toy is definitely on the smaller side. The total length of the toy is about 7 inches, but only 3.5 inches of that is actually insertable. The clitoral arm is also quite small at only 1 inch in length.

The Body & Soul Bliss definitely has some good things going for it:

1) It’s fully rechargeable by USB. No batteries required! Just plug it into your computer or another USB port like this and it charges completely within 8 hours.

2) It’s light weight and super easy to use. The toy weighs almost nothing, has a one touch on/off button and a flexible shaft.

3) The smaller size of the toy is great for beginners. There’s nothing overwhelming about this toy. It also is relatively neutral looking so it would work well for anyone who doesn’t want anything that looks too anatomically correct.

4) It’s pretty. The design is really sleek and it has a nicely raised bump at the tip of the toy designed to stimulate the G-Spot.

I was really excited to try this toy because I love me a good rabbit vibrator, plus one of my favourite toys, the Body & Soul Lover vibrator, is from the same line. In theory this toy should also be super awesome. However, unfortunately my experience with the Body & Soul Bliss was anything but blissful.

Everyone’s bodies are shaped differently, so there’s always the chance that what’s one person’s favourite sex toy is another person’s worst nightmare & vice versa. The Body & Soul Bliss didn’t work with my body at all. Here’s why –

1) The clitoral arm is way too short. At one inch in length, this clitoral stimulator doesn’t come anywhere close to reaching my clit, which kind of defeats the purpose of being a dual stimulator toy. Instead, the clitoral arm hovers in a weird limbo area, almost reaching my clit but not really, which is totally frustrating. At 3.5 inches the insertable portion also doesn’t do much for me either – length or girth wise. I tried thrusting this toy, I tried contorting my body into weird positions, but at the end of the day it took me forever to have an orgasm with this toy.

To give you a better idea of how the toy is shaped compared to the other toy I own from the Body & Soul line, here they are right next to each other.

As you can see, the Body & Soul Bliss has a much shorter clitoral arm and overall length.

2) High pitched, buzzy vibrations – I love deep, rumbly, powerful vibrations. However, unlike the Body & Soul Lover which I love for it’s intense, body quaking vibrations, the “Bliss” is much less powerful. Instead of a deep, rumbly sensation, the vibrations feel very high pitched and buzzy.

3) Texture – Instead of a silky smooth silicone body, the Bliss feels very rubbery and has a lot of drag. If you’re going to use this toy, you’re going to need lots of lube because it doesn’t slide in easily.

I’m not sure I have enough rabbit vibrators (ha!) Notice how the “lineup” gets bigger every time I write one of these posts?! When it comes to size, the Body & Soul Lover (far right) is definitely on the smaller end of the spectrum compared to the other rabbit toys that I own.

4) It makes me feel like I’m burning up (& not in a good way) – When I initially inserted the toy, I was overcome with a strong stinging sensation. It was really uncomfortable and only eased up slightly after using the toy for a few minutes. The worst part was I couldn’t figure out why I was having any kind of reaction. Almost all of my toys are silicone, so why was I reacting to this one in particular?! I found my answer when I re-read the information on the box and noticed that the “Bliss” isn’t made of silicone, it’s made of TPR. Although sex toys made of TPR are considered body-safe, I’ve had the same kind of reaction before to toys made of this material.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, TPR (Thermoplastic rubber) is hypoallergenic, nontoxic and phthalate free. According to Discreet Sensuality’s Sex Toy Materials Guide, TPR is less porous than toys made of jelly- like materials (which usually aren’t body safe – read why here) but way more porous than Silicone. Therefore, it’s recommended that condoms be used with sex toys made of TPR to prevent the spread of bacteria and other infectious agents – something I only learned after reading up on TPR as a sex toy material.

In theory, if I was able to overlook the other challenges with this toy, I could put a condom on it and use it anyways (therefore, avoiding the irritation issue), however in the words of Sweet Brown…

Using sex toys should be fun, easy and most of all, pleasurable. The lesson here: if a sex toy causes you this much grief, it might be that it’s just the wrong toy for you. 

California Exotics makes some truly awesome products, I just don’t think this is one of their best. Although this toy might work nicely for someone who isn’t sensitive to TPR and requires a very short clitoral arm, I would still recommend their Body & Soul Lover vibrator over this one hands down – especially if you’re looking to buy your first rabbit vibrator. It’s a similar size and price point, but it’s made of silicone & packs a lot more punch vibration wise. Plus I think the shape is more likely to fit different bodies.

Both the Body & Soul Bliss ($41.95) and Body & Soul Lover ($76.99) are available at PinkCherry Sex Toys

So, there you have it. Have you ever tried a toy that didn’t work for you?

This review was made possible thanks to the Cal Exotics Sexpert Program. Thank you Cal Exotics for sending me this toy! I received the toy free of charge in exchange for my honest review of the product.  All opinions are my own because that’s how I roll. 

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