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I had all these lofty plans to blog 3-4 times a week this month, totally forgetting that December is always a crazy month. Between work, running around town trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone and making some time to spend on the couch with a tumbler of Bailey’s in my hand watching back to back episodes of Six Feet Under (the show I forgot how much I loved), time has been moving so quickly. Now here I am, surrounded by piles of clothes, shoes and presents packing my suitcase for my trip home to BC tomorrow morning. December, where did you go?!

Tonight I thought I’d share with you something that I am happy about (even if it is trivial and materialistic) just because.

Last Friday, I was a very bad girl. I caved to consumerism and bought myself a Christmas present off of my “Naughty List”. No, I didn’t buy the $2700 sex toy (I WISH!) instead, I bought myself something much more practical that I wanted even more: the ADD coat. While out for a walk during my lunch hour, I found it at a trendy local boutique for 40%. After a quick try on, I was making one of the most extravagant impulse purchases I’ve ever made.

While the transaction was going through, the girl who was helping me said,

her: “I LOVE the ADD coats”

me: “Yes, me too! I’ve been obbsessively looking at their website all fall. Their website is crazy, its like total coat porn

her: *blank stare*

me: “I mean, not that I look at regular porn or anything” (In my head: “only sometimes” )

her: *blank stare*

me: *blank stare*

That’s when I realized a few things: a) I was actually “blogging out loud” – this is conversation that really should have been a blog entry b) Not everyone gets blogger humor – or maybe just my humor. She certainly did not think I was funny, AT ALL c) I just made a reference to porn, while talking to a total stranger and its only 2pm.

After my purchase was complete, I grabbed the coat (all wrapped up in a pretty garment bag) and fled the store before I could say anything else. And you know what?

My coat is lovely!

Its super warm & light & fluffy.
Wearing it feels like I am wrapped up in a luxurious duvet cover.

FYI. I opted for the plain black nylon style without the fur trim. The fur version was an extra $600 CND (crazy!) and it was made with real coyote fur which, just seems wrong.

Maybe a luxe winter coat its not what everyone would choose to spend their money on but, I’m glad I did. The coat means something to me. I know how hard I worked this fall and I feel good about wearing something that I paid for with my own blood, sweat & tears (long days at the office + late nights freelancing + lots of frugality). So, I refuse to feel guilty.

Also, it really IS warm & perfect for….


And now, back to packing!

Has anyone else bought themselves a Christmas present?


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