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Birthday Giveaway #2 | Conceived by Nature

Welcome to Birthday Giveaway #2!

I wanted to start off by giving a big congrats to Tom who was the winner of last week’s super sexy giveaway. Tom is soon to be the proud owner of the Jopen Vr16 Vibrator. His fiancé Anna is a very lucky woman 😉

This week’s giveaway is a little bit different and is focused on healthy, sexy, hair care. But first, the not so sexy truth: a few years ago I went through a bout of extremely itchy and sore scalp. After some investigation, I realized that I was actually extremely sensitive and possibly allergic to the Parabens and Sulfates that are in a lot of shampoos and conditioners. Luckily, I made this realization before it killed my social life (no one wants to be friends with the kid who has a perpetually itchy head.) Since then, I have been using a combination of Moroccan Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil products – neither of which irritate my sensitive scalp. Hair care can get expensive, so I’m always on the look out for affordable shampoos and conditioners that are Paraben and Sulfate free.

When I was contacted by Conceived by Nature about trying their line of hair care products, I was super curious. They kindly sent me out a set of their Balancing Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner so I could give them a try and share my experience with you guys.

Conceived by Nature is a completely natural and organic hair care line from the makers of Mane and Tail. Made from natural and certified organic components, each shampoo and conditioner is designed to be uniquely balanced for incredible performance, with fragrant aromas to provide a multi-sensory experience that leaves hair natural, healthy, clean and conditioned.

I hate worrying about whether the products I use contain creepy, potentially harmful ingredients, so I really like Conceived by Nature’s philosophy towards hair care:

“Hair care is an integral part of our daily routines, and should be thought of as another approach to treating your body, mind and spirit with the respect and nurturing care it deserves. Conceived by Nature combines the finest synergy of essential oils, herbs, micro-enriched proteins, and other natural ingredients blended precisely to fortify and nourish hair, leaving it soft, strong and shiny.” 

As a teenager I LOVED the Mane and Tail line (I still have a soft spot for their retro packaging!) so I was anxious to see how the Conceived by Nature line held up.

The Balancing Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner are made with a combination of lavender oil and essential oils. The conditioner also includes olive, sweet almond, and coconut oils and blended with shea butter (yum!)


The shampoo and conditioner are quite light, and left my hair feeling clean and bouncy – perfect for my very fine hair that’s easily weighed down by product. Also, no scalp irritation! The packaging is sleek and modern, and as soon as you open the bottle you can immediately smell the natural lavender essence. As someone who enjoys the smell of lavender, I liked the fragrance. Lavender scents have the potential to go wrong very quickly, but because the product is made with actual lavender essence it smells more like something you’d find in your garden than in the old lady section of the drugstore. However, if lavender is not your thing, you might want to avoid this one and instead go for the Volumizing Citrus or Restorative Rosemary.

Interested in trying these products yourself? Conceived by Nature has provided me with a shampoo & conditioner combo to give away to a Skinny Dip reader! To enter the giveaway, please follow the prompts below. I’ll announce a winner next Wednesday!

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*This giveaway was brought to you by Conceived by Nature (Thank you!) which provided me with the product free of charge in exchange for my honest review. 

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