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Because Toys For Men Deserve Some Love Too

When it comes to reviewing sex toys for the awesome companies that I work with, they’ll often ask me for suggestions on what I’m interested in reviewing. Often this happens weeks or months in advance, before the actual toy arrives. For a long time I’ve been interested in reviewing (or I should say, having someone else review) some male sex toys on Skinny Dip. Male sex toys like The Fleshlight have always intrigued me (How do they work? What do they feel like? What’s it like having sex with a robot-vagina? Which ones are the best?) however being that I have a vagina, it’s impossible for me to try them out. What’s a cis lady on the search for the best fake pussy to do? To make a long story short – not so long ago, California Exotics sent me the Apollo Power Stroker to review on the blog.

0849-10-3nThe Apollo Power Stroker is a vibrating male masturbator lined with stimulating waves and nodules for what is designed to be orgasmic bliss. The toy allows you to caress the head and shaft  of the penis with your choice of 30 vibrating speeds and patterns and enjoy hands-fee fun thanks to its suction cup feature. Measuring approximately 8.5 inches total length with 3.5 inches in internal length, the Apollo Power Stroker is made of skin safe rubber and is phthalate free.

When I originally suggested the toy I was dating someone who would have been able to test the toy for me, but alas my relationship status changed, leaving me with one Apollo Power Stroker and no testing penis in sight. File this under #SexBloggerProblems. Luckily though, when I shared my sex blogging woes with one of my good friends, she volunteered her boyfriend as my “stunt penis.”

I passed the toy onto them to enjoy and sent over a series of questions about the Apollo Power Stroker experience. You can read her boyfriend’s feedback below –

How to you use this product? (Does it vibrate? Does it pulsate? How does it work? Walk me through it!

“This thing is battery operated and vibrates with 30 settings. you have to put some lube on your penis and then stick the power stroker on the end. it only goes a few inches deep. turn it on and move it up and down slightly. the lube creates a sucking effect and vibrations add a little extra sensation. It also comes with an suction cup attachment so that you could use it hands free against a wall or whatever.”

What does it feel like? (Good? Bad? Weird? Somewhere in between?)

“At first it didn’t seem to do too much for me with just the vibrations. the sucking effect is what actually makes this thing work. it feels good, but you’d have to already be aroused for it to do any good. Works best with porn.”

0849-10-3xWhats the best thing about this product? 

“It makes masturbation less strenuous on the wrist and arm.”

What didn’t you like about the Apollo Power Stroker? 

“Not much. just that its a little more clean up work. You have to rinse out the inside obviously, and the lube can make a mess. It’s large, hard to conceal.”

Is there anything you’d change about this product to make it better?

“Possibly make the insertion area longer. it focuses on the head of penis, but there’s opportunity to get more sensation from the shaft too. Though this would bring up an issue of different penis lengths.”

Would you recommend this product to a friend?

“If someone asked me specifically, sure, but I can’t see that happening. I think most men would be or are content with regular masturbation. I wouldn’t suggest anyone get it unless they were specifically looking to enhance their self pleasure experience.”

Is there anything else we should know about the Power Stroker?

“Its good quality. it appears water resistant which would be important and the rubber insides seem durable. it works quite well., but doesn’t give me the “I can’t wait to use it again” feeling. This isn’t something that I would want to use for foreplay, it would be very personal masturbation only really. Slightly better than using my hand, but not needed at all if there’s another human involved.”

Thank you Mr. Stunt Penis for the very thorough review! Now, because this is our first male focused review on Skinny Dip, our favorite Intern felt compelled to share a few words of his own.

apollo apolloSo there you have it, a thorough review of the Apollo Power Stroker and some strangely inspirational words from Joe the Intern. What do you guys think – would you ever try a product like this? If you’d like to give the Apollo Power Stroker a try, you can purchase your own at Lovehoney.com for $74.99.

This review was brought to you by California Exotics Sexpert program. I received the toy free of charge in exchange for my honest review of the product. All opinions are my reviewer’s because that’s how we roll.



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