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Because, Halloween.

It’s “Wear Your Costume to Work” day and it looks like Joe the Intern and Hammer have totally outdone the Playboy Bunny ears I haphazardly threw on this morning. I don’t have any major plans for Halloween this year, but I thought I would share with you some fun tid-bits.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you may have noticed some sexy new additions to the layout.


Due to popular request, you can now subscribe to Skinny Dip by email. I often get so busy that I forget to check in with my favourite blogs. Subscribing by email is a great way to stay in touch and ensures that you never miss a post!


When Google Reader folded, I went on a desperate search to find an alternative RSS reader to help me enjoy all of my favourite reads in one place. I discovered Bloglovin‘ in the process and to be honest, I love it 1000% more than Google Reader. I’m a very visual person and Bloglovin’ caters to this. I love that there are photo previews for each post and when you click on the post, you’re able to read it on the actual blog, with the pretty layout the blogger intended. Bloglovin’ is super easy to use and just way prettier than Google Reader. I’m “Lovin'” it! You can follow me here.


I get a lot of great discount codes and other goodies from the partners I work with that I would love to pass on to you my dear readers. So, after four years of blogging I finally decided to start a newsletter option for my blog. I thought this would be a fun way to stay in touch with my readers. If you sign up I promise not spam you. You will however receive an email from me every 2-4 weeks that includes  discount codes for things like lingerie and sex toys, updates about my life outside of the blog & things that I’m digging, inspirational messages and maybe even the odd photo of Joe the Intern and his buddies doing something absurd. The sign up form is on the righthand sidebar. Don’t be shy, I’d love for you to join me!


Addicted to luxury toys and romantic products? All Skinny Dip readers get 15% their purchase at Sexcuse Moi when they use the code SKINNYDIP at checkout.

Did you miss out on the Jopen Vr16 giveaway? If you’re interested in grabbing one of your own from Nitetime toys (trust me, it’s awesome), today’s the last day you can purchase the toy for 20% off using the coupon code “VanityForMe” at check out.


Love condoms? Hate condoms? Never tried lube? If you want to take your sex life to the next level, make sure you enter my latest giveaway to win three months worth of sexy samplers from Lucky Bloke. Also, stay tuned for a super cool (but still top-secret) collaboration with Lucky Bloke that will launch closer to the holidays.

Happy Halloween!

May your costumes be comfortable and your sugar highs epic.





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