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Be my Date for the Textuality Premiere!

It’s contest time again!

Remember that movie Textuality I was telling you about? The premiere for Textuality is happening on April 19th in Toronto and I want to invite one of you to be my date!

Today I’m giving away a ticket to the premiere which includes a meet & greet with some of the cast and crew!

You can read more about Textuality here. The film is a lighthearted comedy about sex & romance in the digital age. To get you psyched about the movie, here is a video courtesy of Liam Card (one of the stars) sharing his thoughts on “How to Practice Safe Text

“Are your thumbs hurting by the end of the day? Are you experiencing some level of carpal tunnel?” (HAHAHA) Does this sound familiar?

Here are a few reasons why you should join us for the premiere:

1. People tell me I’m fun! I think is partly because weird stuff always happens when I’m around. I seem to attract the crazy. Think of the possibilities!

2. I’m really hoping that Jason Lewis shows up so that we can fondle his abs…oops, I mean “meet him and ask him about his role in the movie”. Actually, Jason isn’t really my type so, I’ll be a good friend and let you call dibs (however, you may have to fight Valerie for him)

3. I was chatting with the producers of the movie and found out that not only is the main character of the movie a sassy brunette named Simone (!!) but, she is also a dating/sex/lifestyle blogger! This is just getting freaky. I’m a huge How I Met your Mother fan. I’m wondering if Textuality is like my very own “Wedding Bride“? If I have a Ted Mosby style breakdown, you’ll get to witness it first hand.

*EDIT: Correction the prize actually includes a ticket for you PLUS a guest so you can bring a friend too.

I was re-watching the “Wedding Bride” episode prior to writing this post and I noticed something:

Jason Lewis was in the episode! Jason Lewis is also in Textuality! AHHH, THE COINCIDENCES. If I wasn’t freaked out before, I definitely am now.

Here are the details for the contest: To win a ticket to the premiere of Textuality you need to do the following:

Leave a comment letting me know why you would like to see the movie. Please make sure you include your email or Twitter handle in the comment box or in the body of the text so I can get a hold of you.

Get an extra entry every time you tweet: “Hey @by_simone I want to be your date for the #Textuality premiere! http://bit.ly/gOGlFi “

As much as I wish I had my own a private jet so I could fly you in for the evening – unfortunately, the contest is only open to people in the Toronto area who are able to transport themselves downtown for the premiere on April 19th.

Contest closes Friday at 11:59pm. I will notify the winner Saturday morning!

Good Luck! xox


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