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Are you there blog? It’s me, Simone.

God. What a weird week.

It started on Monday night. I was sitting on my sofa, lap top in hand, working on a blog post about an ex-boyfriend of mine that I’ve never written about before. Just as I was getting to a really emotional part of the post I was overcome with extreme nausea. I made a run for the bathroom and threw up violently in my sink*

{*If writing about a guy inspires projectile vomit, I think that’s a sign that breaking up was the right thing to do}

This basically continued on for the next 24 hours. I’m not sure if it was food poisoning or the stomach flu but, I haven’t been that sick in a really, really long time.

Wednesday, still weak & dehydrated from Monday-Tuesday, I was at home recovering when I got a text from my friend Casey saying that he noticed that SkinnyDip had crashed. This has happened before – last time it was because I needed to buy more bandwidth. This time however, my web designer couldn’t figure out what was wrong…because everything should have been working normally.

If you are also a blogger you’ll understand when I say: my blog is like my baby. I’m really attached to it. When I found out that there was nothing really I could do to fix the problem, that I had to wait indefinitely for it to work itself out, that my site “may” return to normal…”eventually” – I kind of freaked.

Still barely able to eat solid foods, I wanted to shake my fists at the sky and say:


The one good thing about being really sick was I was actually too sick to really, sufficiently freak out. So, I waited.

I read two amazing collections of short stories (this book & this book in case you were curious) that I consumed in greedy helpings and got me inspired me to maybe take a crack at writing short stories again like I used to high school.

I watched a bunch of movies that were on my “I should watch this but, keep putting it off list“: Sex and the City 2 (Horrible. Aside from one or two cute moments, the film was mostly full of culturally insensitive stereotypes. When did SATC turn into Anti Middle East propaganda lite?),
Julie and Julia (loved the whole blogger storyline but, don’t really suggest watching a film about food when you have food poisoning.) and Rent (I cried. It was good. If I had been feeling better I probably would have jumped up on my sofa and started singing along to the TV “No day but todayyyyyyyy!” in my pajamas). Dying of boredom, I also started watching season 1 of The Sopranos. Bada-Bing!

My stomach still feels like there is an angry Wookie trapped inside it but, I am on the mend. Late Friday, my web designer figured out a way to get the blog working again, at least until the real issue with my site is solved. So, I am back, hopefully for good or at least until I can afford to pay someone to re-design everything and move me over to wordpress.

Not having access to my blog for a few days made me realize how much I really love writing my blog. I know you’re probably thinking “It’s just a blog, GET OVER IT” but, it’s important to me. Even if I don’t write in it everyday, I like knowing that I have this space that is all mine – a little corner on the internet that says “Hi world, this is me“. Writing isn’t just something that I like to do, its something that I need to do.

How was everyone’s week? I missed you!


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