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A Recipe for Feeling Better

1. Take a deep breath. Climb out from under the blankets. Turn off the Nurse Jackie re-runs. All of these things will stay right where you left them. It’s time to actually DO something. And for the love of god, put on something other than leggings. You’ll thank yourself later.

2. Call a friend like Ukulele Misfit who is guaranteed to make you laugh until your sides hurt.

3. Go over to her house after work. Make grilled cheese sandwiches together. Pour your heart out to her. Eventually you will feel less emo. Spend the rest of the evening laughing with her about all kinds of silly stuff. If you need help getting the laughter started, read THIS. Eat mini-wheats right out of the box just because they taste good that way.

4. When your face starts to hurt from laughing, turn on this week’s special Betty White Saturday Night Live episode and laugh until you’re almost crying.

5. Hug your friend goodbye at the end of the night because you truly love & appreciate her. Go home with a smile on your face.

6. The next day, if you start feeling a case of the sads coming on, watch THIS.

If you don’t have the video handy, repeat to yourself these words:


People might wonder why you are laughing but who the ‘eff cares.

7. Go home from work. Go to your closet. Dust off your highest high heels and that one dress that always makes you feel amazing whenever you slip it on. Text Miss @Manifique, your favorite drinking buddy/partner in crime and arrange a debaucherous girls night out for Saturday night. Put aside the dress, the shoes & a $50 bottle of vodka for the weekend. Come to the conclusion that you’re too young to feel sad and that dress is too hot to stay home.

8. If you’ve just broken up with someone & that’s why you’re bumming- blast this song:

Or if you’re not going through a break-up (and maybe have just had too much wine on a weekday) blast the song anyways. WISH to yourself that you had heard this song when you WERE breaking up with someone. Dance around your living room just because you love singing along to the lyrics “My kiss is wetter than your kiss…my lips are better than your tricks”

9. Smile for god’s sake. Even if it doesn’t feel natural at first. If Betty White can be smiling, radiant & fabulous at almost 90, you can surely give it a shot at 29 (or whatever age you are)

10. Blog about it all. Feel Better.

What’s your feel better recipe?


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