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A Holiday Gift Guide to Make you Say Ohhh

Something I’ve learned over the past year is that even when life is busy or you’re stressed, you need to take the time to do stuff that makes you feel sexy. Even if you’re the only one who’s going to enjoy it, get that that Brazilian wax, put on that sassy underwear, do whatever it is that makes you feel good – it makes a huge difference.

This is why I’m really excited to announce that Skinny Dip has partnered with Ohhh Canada to do some sexy product  reviews and blog posts. Ohhh Canada is a Canadian owned and operated online store dedicated to selling luxury body safe sex toys, lingerie and other fun items to make you feel good. I met Katrina, the owner and founder of Ohhh last fall and instantly liked what she was about – she’s super friendly, fun to talk to and all about promoting sex positivity and quality products. I’m really excited to be working with her!

Before I left Toronto, Katrina generously bestowed upon me some fun sexy items to try out while I was home on the West Coast. In return, I’ve put together a sexy holiday gift guide based on some of the goodies I tried.

(Can I just say, how cute is their name and logo?!)

1. Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Plumping Lip Gloss by Booty Parlor ($15.99): This lip gloss is infused with an actual aphrodisiac to make you irresistable to anyone who gets close to your lips. I tried the lip gloss in “Tremble” – a sheer “skinny-dip-esque” pink that has just the perfect amount of shimmer. Does this stuff actually work? Hmm, I’m not sure.  What I can tell you is that it that it feels nice on your lips, smells yummy and has a delicious bubble gum and peppermint taste! Aprodisacs are meant not only to stimulate amorous feelings but also just general “feel-good” feelings. I think I might have to gift this to some of my girlfriends and also subject the product to further testing 😉

2. Red Mesh Dress with Garters by Baci Lingerie. ($24.99) I’m just going to put this out there: I’m a bit of a lingerie snob. I’ve encountered my share of scratchy, ill fitting cheap lingerie. I’m also super petite with substandard sized, bird-like limbs, so I tend to shy away from brands I’m not familiar with, especially if I’m ordering online and can’t try it on first (There’s nothing less sexy than thigh highs that are too baggy to stay up!) I’ve never tried anything made my Baci so, I was curious (and maybe somewhat skeptical!) however, this red mesh outfit totally won me over.

Let’s just take a moment to acknowledge the obvious hotness of this little number. It’s RED. How can you not feel like a total vixen in red lingerie and garters?!

The front looks like your basic negligee however, it’s gathered in the back for some peek-a-boo action. You can wear it with a thong, or a pair of boys-cut panties. Katrina gave me a pair of these fishnet thigh highs ($6.99) to pair with the outfit. The best part of this whole ensemble?! (Besides feeling like a total sex kitten while I strutted around my apartment solo)

Everything ACTUALLY FIT ME! Also, the quality was very nice. The fabric was super soft, nicely woven and you can tell will keep its shape* This line has totally won me over. With the extremely affordable price tag ($24.99) Baci is a great option for those of us with Agent Provocateur taste and a Costco budget.

*The outfit was actually so comfortable that I threw a robe on top and kind of forgot I was wearing it while I watched a bunch of back to back episodes of 30-Rock. Welcome to my life.

3. Blossom Organics Moisturizing Lubricant: Lets get real here, sometimes you just need a little lube. The right lube can totally enhance the experience. My body is super sensitive so, for a long time I shied away from using lube because I’d always get really bad reactions from the stuff that’s sold at drugstores (this is because a lot of that stuff is full of all kinds of gross chemicals that really shouldn’t go anywhere near that part of the body!) Blossom Organics is a lube designed especially for women. It’s Ph balanced and made with organic ingredients you’d find on the shelf of your health food store. It’s safe to use with a partner or toys. The best part? It’s totally non-irritating! If the idea of giving someone lube for Christmas totally creeps you out, I still recommend picking some of this stuff up for yourself. Happy lady parts are the gift that keeps on giving!

What’s on your holiday list this year?

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