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A Different Kind of Love Affair

When the temperatures start to drop and the Christmas decorations start to come out, that’s when I start to get excited about going home for Christmas. By “Home” I mean, the West Coast of Canada. I grew up on an island, about an hour 1/2 by boat from Vancouver, BC. The most exciting part of the holiday season for me isn’t Christmas itself but, that moment when I step out of the airport and inhale my first breath of salt air. I inhale deeply, exhale deeply and am overcome with this tingly sensation: I AM HOME! Its probably one of the best feelings in the world.

With that said, if my feelings about “Home” had a Facebook relationship status, it would be “Its Complicated“. “Home” and I broke up in 1999. After 18 years together, I started to feel like we had outgrown each other. When I decided to make the break-up final, within three weeks I signed up for a college course online, packed all my belongings & moved to Toronto. Over the years we’ve had a long distance relationship. Although I’ve loved the time we’ve spent together, I know that right now we just can’t make it work. It’s not because of lack of love. Its just that home still feels too small. Too slow. When I think of everything that I would have to give up so that we could be together {glittering city lights! 24-hour everything! Night life! Cheap flights to NYC! Lovely friends!} I know that its just not the right time for us to be together. So, I always choose to come back to Toronto. I’d like to think that Home and I will get back together some day. Actually, I know we will. I see us growing old together, perched on a porch, in matching rocking chairs, staring out at the ocean. So, until its the right time to get back together, Home and I will just be very, very good friends.

To give you a glimpse of how we spend our time when we’re together, here are some things that remind me of Home (the Winter Edition):
{Green Christmases where the air is always moist and the ground is always wet & mossy}
{Looking across the bay and seeing the beach where I built my first sandcastle}

{Christmas Days that look like this}
{and this}
{and this}

{spending time with the people I love}

{No make-up, fuzzy gray hats and views like this}
{Dressing wayyyyyy down (Chucks & a Cowichan sweater) to go buy my Mom groceries at the Polish Deli}
{Public Transportation that floats}
{BC Ferries Clam Chowder. Its the best}
{Long walks in Stanley Park. Followed by all you can eat sushi – you haven’t had sushi until you’ve had Vancouver sushi – or greasy Chinese at Hon’s on Robson}

{You can’t tell but I’m actually getting some pretty good air here!}
I know that a lot of you have been celebrating Thanksgiving this week so, I will leave you with a few words of thanks: I’m thankful that I have this special place that is home to the people I love, that I can always go back to and that always welcomes me back with open arms. I’m also really thankful that you guys continue to read this blog.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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