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A Day for Me

I am taking a day to recuperate. It’s my first day off after working 6 shifts in a row. My feet are super sore, my knees are bruised (I walked into two display tables on Saturday. Did I mention I’m kind of a klutz?) and my email inbox is full of un-replied messages. So, I’m taking a day to catch up. 

I think BF and I are going to head down to Chinatown this afternoon and get foot massages (heavenly!) and maybe some dim sum (Also heavenly!–well, for me anyways). I might even take some of my hard earned paycheck and do a little shopping. I cleaned my closet out a few weeks ago (round two of my “Closet Makeunder”) and realized that although I have tons of fancy purses, shoes & decent “bottoms” (skirts & pants), I have hardly anything to wear on top. I concluded that I really only have about 4 shirts that I wear on a regular basis and two of them are plain white t-shirts. It’s pretty bad. I do way too much laundry.  Does anyone else suffer from a similar problem? I need to rebalance my wardrobe! 

I’m hoping I’ll also have some time to catch up on my TV obsessions (HIMYM, Dexter, 30-rock, Californication, Ugly Betty, the Wire) and work on some new coding for this site. I’m planning a total makeover for my sidebar.

{Image found via Fashion Fever}

What do you have planned for today?


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