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In 2009, I started this blog because I wanted a place to tell stories and process the romantic wreckage of my twenties and later, thirties. I chose the name Skinny Dip because I thought it was a good metaphor for writing about your life online – it’s naked and it’s…

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The 10 Realities of Dating a Bodybuilder

This is a guest post from an outside writer. Thanks for supporting the posts that support this blog.  Dating a bodybuilder can be an exhilarating and unique experience, but it also comes with its own set of challenges and realities. Whether you’re attracted to their dedication to fitness or intrigued…

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Explore Desires: 10 Ways To Celebrate NationalSex Day

  This is a guest post written by a friend of the blog. Thanks for supporting content that supports Skinny Dip. Promoting open and healthy discussions around sexuality, intimacy, and relationships is what National Sex Day is all about. This is celebrated to encourage individuals to be more open and…

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The Dos and Don’ts of Dating in Toronto

This is a guest post written by Lisa Watson. Thanks for supporting the content that supports this blog.  Toronto, Canada’s largest city, offers a vibrant and diverse dating scene. With an eclectic mix of cultures, neighborhoods, and attractions, there is no shortage of unique experiences for couples to enjoy. To…

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Review of Desire Riviera Maya

  A few years ago, I spent a week staying at both Desire Riviera Maya Resort and Desire Pearl — two clothing optional couples only all inclusive resorts located just outside Cancun, Mexico.  The plan was simple: meet up with one of my best friends, Mark, and two other friends…

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